Realmac Software and Impending Preview To Do App ‘Clear’ for iPhone

It’s not often that I get excited about task apps. After all, they’re meant to hold the millions of things I have to get done, for which there are never enough hours in a day to complete. Sometimes I get tired just thinking about everything I have to do or should be doing. While I’ve seen several task apps that try to make managing my tasks as painless as possible, Clear, an upcoming app created by Realmac Software and new studio Impending, actually looks like it will make recording my tasks easy to do and even a little fun.

Here’s the preview video for Clear:

I love the multitouch gestures to navigate tasks and lists and how the interface seems to be very simple, as promised by the app’s tagline.

So far, details are sparse about Clear’s features, including any synchronization or back-up capabilities (like with Toodledo, iCloud or Dropbox). What has been revealed so far via theĀ Twitter account for Clear is that it will be for devices running iOS 5 and higher only and it will be available in the App Store in about two weeks. Our sister site, MacRumors, has been able to ferret out a little pricing information at Macworld | iWorld 2012, noting that Clear will be free with in-app purchases for additional color themes and multiple lists capabilities.

Clear will be Realmac Software’s first entry in the iOS App Store, supplementing their existing offerings in the Mac App Store: Courier, RapidWeaver, LittleSnapper, and Analog. Impending is a new studio formed by Phil Ryu and David Lanham of MacHeist bundle fame and other endeavors.



Looks good. Love the orange theme. Will definitely try it.hope it will not depress me.


Doesn’t look that special to me. It will be free, with the ability to open up more than one list with In App Purchases. I have used Omni Focus, Things, and various other “get things done” apps.

Personally, Things works for me. But, I don’t think that this will be as dynamic as Omni Focus or Things.

Sometimes simple != better. I will test it out when it comes, if it changes my opinion, I will bite my tongue. Until then, I will wait and bide my time.


Looks like a Windows Phone 7 app and I question whether the “reviewer” got a kickback…


Looks to simple. I am using producteev and for free it is giving me everything I need. It has multiple desks, colors, labels, and views with deadlines and attachments.

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