iPoint2 Points You in the Right Direction

There are several turn-by-turn navigation apps in the App Store but sometimes these can be overkill when you just need to know the right direction to head in and can figure the rest out yourself. Aliya LX’s iPoint2 for the iPhone hits the sweet spot here, providing the direction and distance to your desired location in a very simple interface.

Say you’re vacationing in an exotic location and want to head back to your hotel but also meander around a little on the way to see the sights. Or you’re exploring a large park and want to keep track of where you are in relation to the park’s entrance. iPoint2 is perfect for these types of situations and many others.

You can save multiple locations to use to guide you as needed. The only time you’ll need a data connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) is to get the Google Maps information to set a location – after these are set, the app will use the iPhone’s compass and GPS receiver to determine current location and heading and calculate distance on its own.

The app’s settings are located in the iPhone’s main Settings app, where you can select metric or imperial units for distances shown, a handy toggle for Americans like me who are used to the nonsensical imperial-based system we’ve grown up with.



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Ever wanted to know the direction to any particular place on the planet? If so then iPoint2 is just the thing for you! As its name suggests, iPoint2 points to places, any place. Given where you are...