24 JAN

Evi Aims to Bring Siri-Like Functionality to Older iPhones

by Marianne Schultz

As pointed out by our sister site MacRumors yesterday, TechCrunch noted the debut of Evi, a new iPhone app that offers Siri-like voice search functionality powered by artificial intelligence. Evi, developed by True Knowledge, works on iPhone and iPod touch models running iOS 4, unlike Siri, which is only available on the iPhone 4S.

Here’s the promotional video for Evi:

True Knowledge has sought to differentiate Evi from Siri by emphasizing its ability to provide answers rather than offering to search the internet, a result obtained often with Siri. However, Evi cannot add appointments to your calendar or create reminders and alarms like Siri can.

Unfortunately, Evi has proven to be so popular that True Knowledge’s servers are overloaded and Evi isn’t able to even provide any answers at the moment. True Knowledge has acknowledged these issues and has posted a notice promising that its team is “working around the clock” to address the issues and ensure Evi can handle the volume of requests. So if you want to give Evi a shot, you may want to wait until it’s operational before spending your money. Once operational, Evi may give Siri a run for her money, at least when it comes to providing information.

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    Say hello to Evi. Evi is the one mobile app that provides solutions for your everyday problems. Unlike a search engine, which simply looks for matching words and shows you a list of websites, Evi...


  1. Donna

    Like a sheep I purchased this sadly I got not one right answer, not one, references if it worked at all, to webpages to search for something that I asked about, Siri gave me relevant answers in 2 seconds, after trying THEIR example questions I got a half of an hour of try again later if I got any response at all, or go to a webpage, that I could have done on my own, and the Websites and products were a Company in another state, oh , and definition of what a supermarket was from Wikipedia. It sucks basically don’t waste your money. To a not new user, this is the worst type of this app that I have ever tried, honestly.

  2. Alfred

    The responses are not correct, sometimes it will hang. What a bull shit. I didn’t see such a bad app. Don’t waste your money.

  3. Abbyw

    Same issues as others. The few questions it did answer it just directed me to websites like Weather.com when I asked if it is going to rain, as a test. I already have like three weather apps with instant info.Totally lame and a waste of $$.

  4. Manish

    Its really nice app. I loved it.

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