CES 2012: iOnRoad Augmented Reality Driving Assistant Coming to iPhone

Picitup, a company known for its innovation in the computer vision field, is bringing its popular iOnRoad app to the iPhone. iOnRoad, which first debuted for Android OS in October, will offer advanced collision warning, headway distance monitoring, text message narration and more to iPhone and iPad users.

Picitup has posted a sneak peek video of iOnRoad on an iPad:

Using proprietary algorithms, iOnRoad can calculate the distance to the car in front of you through the camera in your iPhone or iPad and alert you both visually and audibly when you get too close. When you receive a text message, iOnRoad can read the text message to you aloud so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. It also offers a car locating feature, automatically taking a picture and logging your GPS location, if available, when you park your car to help you find it later.

iOnRoad has been popular in the Android Market where it’s available for free, garnering over 200,000 downloads in the first two months after release. There, iOnRoad has an overall rating of four stars at the time of this post.  iOnRoad was selected for a CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering award.

Picitup plans to submit iOnRoad for iOS to Apple in the next few weeks. iOnRoad for the iPhone and iPad will be a paid app though Picitup has not yet finalized its price.



So what’s the point? You can have your iPhone tell you after a car moves in front of you that a car just moved in front of you?

If you need an iPhone to tell you that (after the fact), then you shouldn’t be on the road. If you _rely on_ a phone to tell you that, then you trust your phone too much.

Seems more like distracting infotainment than actual utility–just what our expressways need!

- J -

Interesting app definitely. Of course, as John mentioned, you should keep your eyes on the road.

But as we all know, distractions are always there with you: crying child on backseat, talking with someone on front seat, mind on some work issues etc. You dont have to be distracted for a long time to something jump ahead of you.

One feature that I’d like to see is speed limit sign detection!


Whats the point? Whats the point? Really? This will prevent so many accidents. It will let you know when a vehicle is slowing, or that your driving to close to vehicle in front of you.


“This will prevent so many accidents. It will let you know when a vehicle is slowing, or that your driving to close to vehicle in front of you.”

You know how else you can do this? By LOOKING AT THE ROAD.


Interesting proof of concept. But I don’t think it’s really practical. If this technology was implemented in a heads-up-display, it may prove to be truly effective.

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