Roundup: Apps to Help You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Meal

With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, many Americans will be doing a lot of grocery shopping this week to get turkeys, potatoes, and other ingredients for traditional dishes eaten on this holiday that originated with the colonists in the 17th century. As always, your iPhone and iPad can be valuable tools to help you stay on track and we’ve put together a round-up of a few apps to keep you organized as you brave busy grocery stores and create tasty dishes in your kitchen.

If you like saving money at the grocery store but don’t have time to clip coupons, check out the app. The app will let you browse manufacturer coupons and print them wirelessly via a networked printer. If you have a savings card from a participating grocery chain, you can also opt to add coupons directly to your savings card account to make shopping even easier.

If you’ve got more than one cook pitching in to create your Thanksgiving meal, managing a shopping list with multiple contributors can be difficult. While there are several shopping list apps in the App Store, few offer a simple interface and the features to make it easy to use among multiple people like Buy Me a Pie. The app can be installed on multiple iOS devices and logged in to the same account, which will then reflect the updates made by other users. Shopping lists can even be edited on the site, with changes and additions made there synchronized automatically to the app on each linked iOS device.

Once you get all those groceries, how do you turn them into tasty concoctions that will be enjoyed by your guests? If you’re like me, you may need some detailed recipes on hand to guide you through the cooking process. iCookbook, an app that hit our radar earlier this year when it debuted with voice control features to offer hands-free navigation to make it easy to use while cooking, was recently updated with compatibility for the iPhone (the voice command feature is also available on the iPhone).

Know of any other apps that will help you stay sane as you get ready for your Thanksgiving feast? Share them in the comments!



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For grocery shopping list “SuperList – shopping list” is the best!!

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