‘Apple Store’ App to Get Self-Checkout Option?

Our sister site MacRumors reported yesterday that the Apple may be planning an update to its official Apple Store iOS app that would allow users to use a self-checkout option to pay for accessories in Apple retail stores. These purchases would be charged to users’ iTunes store accounts.

This update is expected in just a few days on November 3, when another Apple retail store initiative that lets customers pick up purchases ordered on Apple’s website in a local retail store is also expected to be launched in more stores beyond those in the San Francisco Bay area where it’s currently available.

This update to the Apple Store app could be a welcome one for many as the holiday shopping season approaches. If it works as expected, you could bypass long lines in Apple Stores if you’re purchasing smaller items that are available on the shelves and don’t need to be fetched from the stock room by an employee.


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Kate C

This would be really cool!!! Being able to just go to the apple store get my stuff pay and leave without nothing anyone would be awesome.

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