iPhone 4S Available Today in the U.S.

The iPhone 4S is officially available in the U.S. and Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK today. Preorders for the device opened last Friday in these countries, with deliveries beginning today for those who placed preorders before the initial supply set aside for these ran out. People began queuing up to purchase the iPhone 4S at Apple retail stores yesterday at locations around the world.

Apple had announced earlier this week that preorders surpassed one million in the first 24 hours alone, with AT&T stating that it had received 200,000 preorders for the new iPhone model in the first 12 hours after preorders began in the U.S. Apple and all U.S. carriers sold out of the initial launch supply of the iPhone 4S, bumping shipping estimates to “1 to 2 weeks” by the evening of October 7 when preorders opened.

While many expressed disappointment about the iPhone 4S when it was announced since it has the same external design as the iPhone 4, it has been praised by high-profile technology journalists, with TechCrunch calling it the “best iPhone yet” and all reviewers complimenting its improved camera specs and performance as well as the new Siri Assistant feature.

If you’re on the fence about getting the iPhone 4S, here are links to some of the reviews completed by those who received review units from Apple before it went on sale to the public:

I was fortunate to get my iPhone 4S surprisingly early this morning thanks to a chipper UPS delivery man. It replaces an iPhone 4 and is noticeably faster all around. Siri Assistant is absolutely fantastic and its sense of humor is entertaining as well.