Apple to Release ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Cards’ iOS Apps on October 12

At yesterday’s press event where the iPhone 4S and the release date for iOS 5 were unveiled, Apple also announced two new apps that will debut alongside iOS 5 on October 12. On that date, Cards and Find My Friends will be released to the App Store.

Cards will let users create and send printed greeting cards to anyone in the world. Users can select photos captured with an iOS device or saved to the Photo Album to customize cards for various occasions like holidays and birthdays. Each 4-by-6-inch card will be printed by Apple on premium cotton paper. Apple will also print, address, and apply postage to the card’s envelope and mail it. Cards shipped within the U.S. will cost $2.99 while those shipped to other destinations will cost $4.99. Cards shipped in the U.S. can be tracked through the U.S. Postal Service and the sender can opt to receive a push notification when the card is delivered.

Find My Friends will work with Apple’s iCloud service, much like the company’s existing Find My iPhone app, to locate friends and family who opt to share their location with you. Friends who share their location with you will be marked on a virtual map. Users can choose to share location information temporarily or permanently with others and the app offers settings for parents to control how their children use the app. A WiFi or 3G data connection are required for the app to share ┬álocation information.

Both Cards and Find My Friends will require iOS 5 and will work on the iPhone 3GS or later, 3rd- and 4th-generation iPod touch, and iPad and iPad 2.

We’ll let you know when they hit the App Store.

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Christopher Westfall

Wow.. great to have Apple discover sending cards automatically.
I’ve been using Send Out Cards, with 17,000 card choices and only .62 each to send a card, for the last four years!

Much better to send at .62 each, with the capability of sending to thousands of my clients with one click vs. the new Apple offering at $2.99 each and only about 20 card options to choose from.

Sure does mean it’s a viable product, if Apple is now on board with it!

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