‘magicJack’ Brings Free Phone Calls to the iPhone

magicJack, the VoIP service that offers free calls to users in the U.S. and Canada, has released an iPhone app. magicJack hit the App Store this week and lets users make free calls to numbers in the U.S. and Canada and to other magicJack users anywhere in the world at no charge.

magicJack joins a number of other free VoIP calling apps in the App Store, including Skype, Viber (review), netTALK (review) and others. Refreshingly, magicJack does not require you to create a log-in before you can start making those free phone calls, offering you the option to skip account creation altogether and go right to the dialer. You can go back later and choose to create an account to get voicemail and a designated magicJack phone number, which you’ll need if you want to receive calls through magicJack without using minutes on your cell phone plan (at least in the U.S. where incoming calls count against your plan).

I made a quick test call with magicJack while connected to a Wi-Fi network and it was crystal clear on both ends. You can also use magicJack while connected to a 3G network as well. Amusingly, the app’s description states that either WiFi or a “4G network” are recommended. Are they in an alternate reality where the iPhone has 4G capability? (I know, it’s probably just a typo or error by someone in their marketing department who doesn’t know that there’s no 4G-capable iPhone yet.)

Personally, I rarely use my iPhone to actually make calls and I have more rollover minutes from AT&T than you can shake a stick at but if you are on a limited plan where minutes are precious, magicJack can at least help you make calls to others for free without dipping into your plan.

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magicJack customers can take their number on the go so that you never miss a call. Download now and login to magicApp with your existing magicJack email and password to make and receive calls over...



Well AT&T has free mobile to mobile now so that’s a pretty useless application outside the rarest of phone calls… to land lines. If international calling is free, that would be cool!

Capital Macs

I was under the impression that Skype required a paid subscription plan to call mobile phones, which wouldn’t make it ‘free’. Am I wrong?

More Pocket Money

This is definitely worth checking out as it can be a tremendous money-saver. I recently adjusted my account from 1400 minutes to 700 minutes, got the unlimited texting plan (which includes unlimited mobile to any mobile), and still have my data plan. I’ll come out cheaper because I won’t be hit with such high overage charges each month. Most calls that I make are mobile, but the few land lines that I call are typically “business” calls that last more than an hour each. MagicJack should work very well there. I’ll have to test it out and see.

@ThePROFESS10NAL , there are indeed times when those rare phone calls have to be made. Those are the ones that drained my minutes every month.

More Pocket Money

UPDATE: It doesn’t work on a 3G iPhone. Well, given Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event is today, I may be upgrading soon and coming back for this app…


I have been testing VOIP for the last year on my iPhone 4. I have a dozen VOIP apps. Viber has the best call quality but it’s only Viber to Viber. Talk-a-tone is great to call land lines using your google voice number but quality is average.
I have a VOIP.ms account I use for my business and I’ve tried using it with apps like Bria, Media5-fone & Groundwire. Whistle phone is not bad but free service is limited to 20 minutes incoming & free whistle to whistle.

I just tried the MagicJack app over wifi to landline. WOW. No delay. Good call quality.
I also just tried it over 3G (3 bars showing in this area). There was a slight delay but tolerable.

Extremely impressive overall…calling to USA and Canada free, no registration, and finally, if you have a magic jack, you can use your # to receive calls….this is unbelievable.

Marianne Schultz

@Capital Macs – Skype is free when calls are between Skype users. I’ve been using Skype for years this way (on my computer and then through the iPhone) without paying them a penny. If you want to call a cell phone or land line, however, there are charges.

Marianne Schultz


Glad to hear it works well for you!

Out of curiosity, have you tried Tango? It does free video calling only but was curious in case you have tried it.


This app sounds too good to be true. It doesn’t charge the person receiving the call does it?

Marianne Schultz


No, it does not charge the person receiving the call. Enjoy!


Rock solid app. Viber quality is better, but I find Viber very inconsistent. Using the same WiFi connection and handsets, MagicJack outperforms it.


To: Amy and Marianne

The receiver will get charge for the duration of the call against her cell phone minute plan unless he/she has unlimited incoming calls. But wont get charged for long distance.


I have a very limited ATT cell plan, and an Iphone 4S. If I turn 3G on, on my iphone and don’t go thru Wifi(say outside my apt), what charges if any will I incur when making/receiving a call thru magicjack?
data usage? minute usage?


My only beef is that I can’t receive calls using my MagicJack incoming phone number on my iPhone. This iPhone app creates some fictitious number that people can call by first dialing an 800 number and then entering the *xxxxxxxx number provided in the magic jack app. Come on guys …


I turned off service to my iPhone 4 due to high bill (calls to and from land lines) I have WI-FI. Can I use to majicjack app to make and receive calls from my disconnected iPhone, using my WI-FI?


I think people are missing where this could be taking us. As we have evolved to using cell phones instead of land lines. We now can, in the future, see dropping our cell phone service too. Although not as probable, you can now drop your cell phone and use your iPod over wifi to make calls. We could be looking at only buying an internet package and our phones will go through that. Again saying this now would be like saying everyone will drop their land line, 8 years ago. None the less this opens up the possibility to do so now.


To the experts out there:I have a question and I am new to voip/cell service….. will the magicjack app work on any other phone but the iphone? I am setting up wi fi at my residence also. I do have magicjack + now and it is great and I also want to be able to send/receive voip calls on my cell using magicjack. Thanks!


It tries to connect to the net all the time. I can not use it. It tells to closed the window and try a minute later to swift online. But it not works. I even try to download and reset it. It does not work. Iphone 4s.


I spent over 90 minutes on chat with magicjack support and they just kept going around in circles about why it doesn’t work with 4S. He even told me I need to buy a separate subscription for my phone to use my home MJ #!
How can they deny the issues when it’s on every support site?




If you’re not already a MagicJack customer, you can quickly sign up for an account, and get a new phone number (sort of) in the process. That “number” is actually a 10-digit code that callers need to punch in after calling a main MagicJack number–a fairly major hassle, and a fact that’s not explained anywhere within the app. (Nor is the number listed; it’s 305-848-TALK.)

Read more: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-20113914-233/magicjack-app-brings-totally-free-calling-to-ios/#ixzz1jxkNANQZ


I can’t receive calls using my MagicJack incoming phone number on my iPhone


Magic Jack is using false advertising … It is not $19.95 a year renewal costs $29.95 a year…They are just a corrupt as ATT, corporate greed…If you have a min. file complaint with FTC.gov…There Tech support is staffed by idiots.


Having used the original MJ for a number of years, I have to say this app works great. If you have the USB version then this app will use your current MJ number. All calls that you normally make from your computer you can now make from your phone. The app works on iphone or ipad and is 3G or wireless compatible. There are a couple of negatives I have found though. 1)If you bought minutes for Intl calling with the usb device, those minutes do not transfer to the app. (Magic Jack considers each device that the app is installed on as an individaual account ie, iphone is one account, usb another etc). The second problem is if you have the app installed on your phone AND ipad and you receive a call, both the phone and the ipad ring. The original version of the app had the ability to turn off the app, but with the current version that feature is no longer available. There seems to be a latency problem when answering the phone but as for call quality it has been great. I hope this small review helps.


I got the magic jack app for the iPhone and I was wondering if calling a home phone with it will charge the person receiving it when I made an account and called my other cell phone it worked but trying to call my magic jack number said I couldn’t make international calls so can anyone tell me if it will cost the person receiving the call money for my “international number”


And can anyone tell me y I was given an international number when I made an account


I have to say that this app is the best to me. I am outside united state and u brought my number with me, i am just connected to a 3g network and it work fine to me. At home i have wife so from where i am using my iPhone i can call to usa or Canada any time i want and receive calls from there as well.


not clear,can hardly hear anything on 3g,Not working on WIFI,asking to close the window and reconnect,,,


i was using magic jack on my iphone. simply by putting my magic jack user name and password . now from few days i was unable to receive calls on my iphone magic jack app. how ever i can make calls but unable to receive them. simply when any one calls me ring goes and after some time it goes to voice message. if any body have any idea plz solve my problem


If I reside in Toronto and go out of the province or to the states, can I still use magic jack over wifi or data and it still be free for me and the receiver? For example I am in Alberta currently and want to make a call to toronto will it be free If over wifi?

John L

If I am in the US and someone calls my cell from overseas using the magicJack app, and I also have a new iPhone, will I be billed for International minutes?

Liz Beaton

Well? The app works. Just to let you guys know, call your own number with the app.
You will get a legit number. I have a number from Florida although my number is *010xxx…
Thing is, I use to be able to recieve calls. I can’t now. It’s a drag -.-
I wanna know WHY!


I bought a used IPHONE 3GS downloaded this app and I can not use it!
The owner of it had told me I could use this app to keep my cost down.
That implies that he had installed this app. Well I can not use this app as it is tied to his account via the serial number of the phone which blocks me from getting a new account. DO NOT GET THIS APP!

Not until MJ figures out how to release a serial number from a used IPHONE!!
Punish them until they fix this!


installed android version 2.6 of magicjack on my samsung exhibit 4G. Immediately seemed to have taken control over my phone like trojans. Uninstalled it immediately.


I had this app before . When i backup the phone , but it losts this app. I downloaded it again, i can not use like before. This app must be login with my account on magic jack.. I login with the correct user name and password. The notice is: your device is not on this account… I don not why i must login … Someone said that they get this and use easily…


uninstalled because no exit button and drained battery..I use vonage mobile for free call to Canada and US and so far so good.


How to call an Iphone Magic Jack number like *0100998456*?)
(Comment faire pour appeler un numero Magic Jack sur Iphone du type *0100998456*?


I bought a mint condition used white 16GB Verizon iPhone 5 on Ebay. I put only $10 through AT&T prepaid service at the local AT&T wireless store.

Since, I have WIFI at home. I use the pinger, nettalk, and magic jack apps for free unlimited texting & US/Canada calling.

Pinger gives free text to any mobile number but only free calls to other “pinger users.”

Magic Jack gives you free unlimited calling to any number in the US & Canada. They even supply you with a free incoming Magic Jack number that “starts & ends” with a star symbol: * that other Magic Jack users can call you on.

Nettalk is like Magic Jack. But, the program isn’t as reliable as Magic Jack sometimes needing to hold down the power & home bottom for a hard reset to get to work after restarting the phone. Also, I’m not aware of any incoming number even from another Nettalk user. Be sure to dial a 1 before the number on Nettalk. Magic Jack is not only more reliable but has incoming number for other Magic Jack users, and is definitely better than Nettalk.

So, I pay only a mere $10 a month for unlimited talk and text. AT&T prepaid always for free incoming domestic and international texts. So, I stay on the 10 cents per minute pay per use AT&T prepaid plan.

If I get a free incoming text I just reply by Pinger hence free unlimited incoming and outgoing texting.

If I get a call I do one of two things the latter being totally free:

1. Answer the call & hang up within 1 minute so you use only 10 cents. Tell them you will call them back later. Do so using Magic Jack.
2. Tap decline on answering call and call back right away using Magic Jack.

This way isn’t only the most affordable but it makes you not want to call or text while friving because you’ll want to wait to do do any texts or calls in WIFI range which you don’t have in a car. But, WIFI is at:

1. Libraries
2. Airports
3. Barnes & Noble
4. McDonald’s
5. Starbucks or other coffee shops
6. Home
7. Nearby local Cox cable TV store.

This free WIFI list will only grow over time not shrink.


Hi i been using magic jack apps for nearly 6 months now.it allows me to call my family in canada for free it onlu requires the caller to have. An internet connection .lately i cant used the said application in my 3gs. It asked me to verify my account by logging in my email and my password and asked me to select aa subscription listed but it doesnt sow the listing i tried to uninstall and reinstall the apps several times but still im having the same problem. Could any one help me??




Could anyone tell me if the Magic Jack app will work with my IPhone calling someone with a Blackberry? Thanks!!


I don’t have Magic Jack but if I want to get a voicemail and phone number for the Magic Jack app if I select the second option do I have to give credit card info?


Best free phone call sw h ich is the best among common ones do replyi want to dowload it international as well asin uae.

Don Payne

I received a text message on Magic Jack from Canada when I was in Rome in 2012 and I still receive the incoming call to this day. I have tried everything I know to cancel this text call but whenever I use Magic Jack, once the current call is terminated, this text shows up at the top of my iPad complete with the ring!!! Any suggestions?

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