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‘Tonara’ for iPad Makes Sheet Music Page Turning Easy for Musicians

by Marianne Schultz

Tonara, an iPad app created by a start-up company of the same name, is a new entry in the App Store that offers a revolutionary approach to displaying sheet music for musicians. Tonara can listen to and follow along with music played and automatically turn the page, avoiding the need for musicians to interrupting playing to complete this necessary task manually.

Tonara can follow along with advanced musicians all the way to beginners who make frequent mistakes, ignore background noise and even focus in on one instrument at a time when multiple instruments are playing. The company’s demo video shows all of these capabilities and it is nothing short of impressive:

Tonara debuted in the App Store earlier this week. It is free to download and includes a few scores at no charge with additional scores available to buy via in-app purchase with prices ranging from $.99 to $3.99 each. There are only a few scores available in Tonara’s in-app store at this time but the company plans to offer more.

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    *** “Something interactive like this will do to sheet music what Kindle did to hardback books.” (Wired Magazine)  Not all scores were created equal.   With Tonara’s patented interactive...


  1. duh

    This Video Is Private

  2. Fernando

    How we can creste sheet for Tonara, i have a lot of sheet and need to convert for Tonara???

  3. Bart Van Synghel

    Is this app also suitable for voices? We are a group of a cappellasingers [8 men]. I’m looking for something like this for voices….

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