Jawbone’s ‘Up’ Activity Tracking Bracelet and iPhone App Previewed

9to5 Mac managed to get a hold of some marketing material for an upcoming iPhone accessory and app slated for release later this month by Jawbone, the maker of premium Bluetooth headsets and accessories. The Jawbone Up will be a bracelet and app combination that will track user’s movements, sleep and even food intake with the help of the companion app.

This video, which was recorded manually as it was being played on a computer, demonstrates how the Up bracelet and iPhone app will interact:

Jawbone has been mum so far on its pricing and has posted very little information about Up on its site, showing only a teaser image and a way to submit your email address if you’re interested in hearing more about the product when it becomes available.


I have a Jawbone Icon headset that I use with my iPhone 4 and find it to work very well (I particularly love the battery meter that displays its battery level on my iPhone when they’re connected). The Up bracelet looks like an innovative product that I’d definitely consider buying in the right price range.

Jawbone is no stranger to the App Store with its Thoughts voice messaging app, which debuted in December.

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Only a real “iDiot” can buy stuff like that.

Is the CIA or the Usa Government sponsoring this “big brother” technology?


Do you really think the government cares when you wake up or how many steps you take? Not everything is a conspiracy…

rekz karz

While people who are afraid of entities watching us & reporting our info to govt (or more often marketing companies), personal tracking of our own data will become a larger part of reality over time.

For those of us who would like our own tech tracking us and giving us the info in useful ways, this seems like a great idea.

I already have a sleep tracking app, and it’s very helpful — but I have to activate it & put the phone somewhere in my bed — that’s ridiculous!
This seems like a much better solution.

(If you don’t want any info about yourself to be tracked by companies & the govt, make sure not to get any credit cards and always work your whole life ‘under the table’ or by barter — and don’t get any bank accounts. And good luck staying beneath the radar!)


Great company, love the ERA Bluetooth and Jambox is about as required as an iPad – the greatest portable speaker you didn’t think you needed until you bought it, truly amazing.
This looks interesting.

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