31 AUG

Apple Removes Financial Times App from App Store

by Marianne Schultz

Remember how Apple said that developers needed to give Apple a 30% cut of sales for content sold within apps (and that this content had to be available for purchase at the same or a lower price outside of the app) and then backtracked on it all in June?

Though Apple no longer requires price parity between content purchased within an app and externally, any content available for purchase within an app is still subject to Apple’s 30% cut and developers can’t provide links to external stores where content can be purchased. Several ebook sellers updated their apps accordingly in July.

However, the London-based Financial Times is most definitely not in agreement with this requirement and never updated its app to allow users the ability to purchase subscriptions using an iTunes account (and therefore give Apple its 30% cut) by the June 30 deadline. Apple has now removed the publication’s app from the App Store, according to paidContent.

iPad and iPhone users aren’t left out in the cold completely though since the Financial Times began offering an HTML5 web app to access its content earlier this summer.

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    […] 今天来自国外的媒体报道,苹果已经移除了《金融时报》在其应用商店中的应用。不过,对于iPad或是iPhone用户来说,不必担心无法看到《金融时报》的内容,后者已经开始提供HTML5的应用(可以点击这个页面)。 […]

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