18 AUG

Notable App Store Additions: AutoCAD, Google Catalogs, Skype WiFi

by Marianne Schultz

AutoCAD, the venerable computer-aided design software developed by AutoDesk, is now available in the Mac App Store.

Two versions are available: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD WS. AutoCAD LT is the full-featured design application that allows users to create and edit designs and is priced at $899. AutoCAD WS is a free version that lets users view, edit and share existing AutoCAD design files.

AutoCAD officially returned to the Mac late last year after a long hiatus of several years and this is the first time that Autodesk is offering its design applications in the Mac App Store.

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Google released the free Google Catalogs app earlier this week, which lets users browse digital versions of the paper catalogs for a number of retailers including Nieman Marcus, L.L. Bean, Crate & Barrel and many others. While it’s not possible to place orders for merchandise within the app directly, links will open the selected product’s page on the retailer’s site in an in-app browser where purchases can be made, or show where the item can be purchased locally.

Google Catalogs doesn’t offer nearly as many catalogs as the Catalogs.com for iPad app that debuted in October but it does offer a smoother and more pleasant browsing experience overall.


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Skype debuted a new iOS app yesterday to help travelers find and pay for WiFi hotspots. Skype WiFi locates and lets you connect to hotspots operated by participating providers around the world and pay for usage on a per-minute basis using Skype credits. Handily, each session will only last for 30 minutes and you’ll need to verify if you want to extend your connection beyond this so you won’t inadvertently rack up extra charges if you forget to log off.

Once you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot, you can browse the web, check email, use the Skype app to make calls and more without incurring cellular data roaming charges if you’re traveling abroad.

Skype WiFi is free and requires a Skype account and iOS 4.1 or higher on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. While Skype WiFi will work on an iPad, it does not have an interface optimized for the device’s larger screen.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/utilities/skype-wifi”]



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