‘Consume’ Tracks Your Usage Across Multiple Accounts

As unlimited cellular data plans go the way of the dinosaur and more and more of our files are stored in the cloud, it’s become prudent to keep an eye on cell phone usage, online data storage, and other accounts to avoid overage charges. Bjango’s Consume is a nifty utility that can do just this for you. While many providers have their own individual iOS apps that you can use to get the same information (like myAT&T and My Verizon Mobile for iPhone users in the U.S.), Consume lets you see information for multiple accounts at single glance.

Consume can access accounts with over 200 providers in 18 countries. In the U.S., these providers include the likes of AT&T, T-Mobile (pre-paid accounts only), Comcast broadband, and others as well as frequent flier/traveler accounts with American Airlines, Delta and Amtrak, plus Gmail and Dropbox.

Set-up is easy, requiring your existing username and password for each account you want to track. Once your accounts are set-up, you can view a snapshot of all of your accounts when you hold your iPhone in landscape orientation, or see more detailed individual account information page-by-page in portrait orientation.

Consume is currently free and received its most recent update earlier this month, bringing the version number to 1.82. Bjango is now working on Consume 2, which will include iPad support and require iOS 5 due to features that will utilize Apple’s upcoming iCloud service. Though Bjango has not explicitly stated this, I’d guess that Consume 2 will be a separate (paid) app to avoid locking out users who don’t or can’t upgrade to iOS 5. Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to Consume 2‘s release.



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Let’s just home you never have a problem with the recipe they use for each account since they are “too busy” to deal with their broken App.


The app works just fine. Don’t know what Jayar is on about. When a recipe fails (which has happened to me on several occasions due to some update to my mobile phone operator’s online quota checking service), after a quick email to the dev, the problem gets fixed pretty quickly.

Bjango offers this app for free; other operators’ paid apps that often specialise in checking only one service are often less elegant (like Optus Mobile Usage by Shihab Hamid). Quota by SouthFreo Development seems to be an exception. I once considered purchasing that app, until I discovered Consume, which is sufficient for my needs.

Thomas Bush

Good for ATT data, faster than the native app. But there’s no way I’m going to give this unknown startup company my login and pw for Dropbox and gmail.


This may sound like a stupid question, what’s my user and password? 🙁

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