16 AUG

Starbucks Now Offering Free iPhone App Vouchers

by Marianne Schultz

CNET reports that Starbucks, the Seattle-based global coffee chain, is now offering vouchers that allow customers to download paid apps from the App Store for free. The vouchers are similar to the existing “Pick of the Week” cards that provide codes that let customers download selected songs from the iTunes store for free.

The first app available to Starbucks customers appears to be Shazam Encore, a very useful music identification app that costs $5.99 (see the picture of it to the right, courtesy of CNET).

I regularly use the free version of Shazam to identify songs on the radio or TV that I like and would happily upgrade to this paid version if I come across one of these cards at Starbucks. I did run to Starbucks this morning to grab a chai tea latte but none of these cards were in evidence there, so either the cards haven’t made it to all stores yet or only select stores will get them. I’m hoping it’s the former and that I’ll be able to score a free app along with my beloved chai tea latte (grande, no water and no foam, please) each time I go to Starbucks.

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  1. miner

    I’d be willing to pay $5.99 to not have to go into a Starbuck!

  2. Hunta

    @ Miner: I’d be willing to pay $5.99 to have you learn English correctly!

  3. Huntahunta

    ^ TROLL ^ can you see the ^ TROLL ^

  4. Steve Ford

    I prefer the drive through window and use it rather than going inside. I miss out on the free music card downloads but I may have to go inside to look for this one. Hey Starbucks don’t forget about us drive through people. we want the free stuff too.

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