Monthly Archives: July 2011

Moosic: Control Music Playback by Tilting Your iPhone

Although Apple has always offered the ability to control music playback using remote control functions on the headphones included with the iPhone (as many third-party headphones do as well), you now have an additional option to skip to the next song, rewind, and more thanks to 8BitBall’s Moosic app. Moosic debuted in the App Store… Read more »

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4 to Close Exploit Used for Jailbreaking

Apple has just released iOS 4.3.4 to address the exploit used by the most recent jailbreaking method where a compatible iOS device can be jailbroken by simply going to the website through mobile Safari. Apple has posted the details about iOS 4.3.4 on this Knowledge Base page. The 4.3.4 update applies to the iPhone… Read more »

‘Spotify’ Debuts in America and App Store

Spotify, the music subscription service that has been available in Europe for several years now, has debuted in the U.S. In conjunction with this debut, Spotify has released an iOS app so that subscribers can access the service on an iPhone easily while on the go. Spotify offers streaming of over 15 million songs on… Read more »

Apple Releases Aperture 3.1.3

Apple released an update to its professional photo editing application, Aperture, for the Mac today. The release notes state that it is recommended for all Aperture 3 users, most likely to ensure compatibility with Lion when it is released later this month. Aperture debuted in the Mac App Store in January at $79.99, compared to… Read more »

AOL Releases ‘PLAY’ Music Sharing and Exploration App

AOL released its new PLAY app for the iPhone today, pitching it as an “Instagram for music” according to TechCrunch. PLAY lets you share what you’re listening to via Twitter and Facebook and lets you view what others are sharing in a stream view. PLAY also offers several free music streaming options. PLAY’s full feature… Read more »

Intego Releases ‘VirusBarrier’ for iPhone and iPad

Intego, the maker of antivirus, anti-spam and other software for multiple platforms, has announced the release VirusBarrier for the iPhone and iPad today. Although there is no known malware that affects iOS, VirusBarrier is a malware scanner that focuses on scanning email attachments and other files before they reach a Mac or PC that could… Read more »

‘Star Trek PADD’ Takes You Where No Man Has Gone Before

I feel absolutely no shame whatsoever in admitting that I love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode (and will be confirming that soon since they’re now available for streaming via Netflix) and I still manage to get ensnared by the show when I’m flipping through channels. My father started… Read more »

iOS Device Owners Downloading More Apps at Higher Prices, Analyst Says

Fortune reports that Apple iOS device owners are downloading more apps this year than before at higher prices, according to a client report by Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster. Munster’s report comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement last week that more than 15 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. Munster reportedly… Read more »

‘MelApp’ for iPhone Detects Signs of Skin Cancer

Worried that there’s more to some of your moles or freckles than meets the eye but just haven’t been able to get to a doctor to have them checked out? Well, there’s an app for that. MelApp by Health Discovery Corporation will evaluate the cancer risk level of your worrisome moles and freckles using image-based… Read more »

Classic Mac Video Game ‘Marathon’ Debuts for iPad

A classic first-person shooter video game that first debuted for the Mac in 1994 is now available in the App Store. Bungie Software’s Marathon 1 debuted this morning for the iPad for the whopping price of $0. In Marathon, you play a security officer on the spaceship Marathon following its invasion by aliens and your… Read more »