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Moosic: Control Music Playback by Tilting Your iPhone

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Although Apple has always offered the ability to control music playback using remote control functions on the headphones included with the iPhone (as many third-party headphones do as well), you now have an additional option to skip to the next song, rewind, and more thanks to 8BitBall’s Moosic app.

Moosic debuted in the App Store late last month and uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect movement to control music playback. You can tilt your iPhone to the right to skip to the next song and tilting it to the left will bring you back to the start of the current song (or the previous song if you’re only a few seconds into the current song). You can also enable functions that will pause music when you tilt the top of your iPhone down and resume playback when you tilt the top of the iPhone up.

8BitBall has created a little cheatsheet picture so you can see these controls:

Moosic also has a neat feature where you can enable the use of the iPhone’s proximity sensor to turn the screen off and on to conserve battery life if you like to place your iPhone face down on a table or put it in your pocket. Another setting lets you invert the tilt controls if you prefer to keep your iPhone face down on a table.

Moosic also serves as a basic music player, accessing all the music store on your iPhone in the iPod app and it includes repeat and shuffle controls.

I’ve been testing Moosic while sitting at my desk and working, which is where I think it works best (if you use it while you’re moving around, you could inadvertently activate the controls with your movement). Moosic is at version 1.0 and is a little bit glitchy and it didn’t always pick up the movements and act accordingly. However, it worked most of the time is definitely a neat and fairly practical way to jump between songs, particularly if you’re using after-market headphones that don’t have iPhone-compatible controls or you simply find moving your iPhone to be an easier control method instead of manipulating tiny buttons on your headphone’s controller.

Moosic costs $.99 and requires iOS 4.1 or later and works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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    Have you ever faced the hassle of turning on your iPhone's/iPod screen just to the change the music? Now with Moosic, this is all in the past, a music player that translates the iPhone's tilting as...

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4 to Close Exploit Used for Jailbreaking

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Apple has just released iOS 4.3.4 to address the exploit used by the most recent jailbreaking method where a compatible iOS device can be jailbroken by simply going to the website through mobile Safari.

Apple has posted the details about iOS 4.3.4 on this Knowledge Base page. The 4.3.4 update applies to the iPhone 3GS, GSM iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd-generation and higher), and the iPad 1 and 2. It addresses vulnerabilities where “viewing a maliciously crafted PDF file may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.”

Verizon iPhone 4 owners also have an update available, bringing the iOS firmware to version 4.2.9 for the CDMA device.

The vulnerability had been noted by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security earlier this month and Apple promised soon after that this would be addressed in a software update.

‘Spotify’ Debuts in America and App Store

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Spotify, the music subscription service that has been available in Europe for several years now, has debuted in the U.S. In conjunction with this debut, Spotify has released an iOS app so that subscribers can access the service on an iPhone easily while on the go. Spotify offers streaming of over 15 million songs on demand with software available to access the service for Mac and Windows-based computers and several other mobile device platforms.

Spotify has created a short video to provide an overview of what it offers:

Spotify offers three different service levels, including a free one that is ad-supported with limited features. The Unlimited and Premium paid service levels, which cost $4.99 and and $9.99 per month respectively, offer more features and no ads. A chart comparing all of these service levels can be found here.

The Spotify iPhone app provides full access to the features of the service level to which you subscribe. At this time, free accounts require an invitation. However, if you’re impatient, you can simply sign up for a paid account and start using the app right away.

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    Spotify is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. ...

Apple Releases Aperture 3.1.3

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Apple released an update to its professional photo editing application, Aperture, for the Mac today. The release notes state that it is recommended for all Aperture 3 users, most likely to ensure compatibility with Lion when it is released later this month.

Aperture debuted in the Mac App Store in January at $79.99, compared to the boxed version that costs $199. The price difference between the two reflects the difference in licensing. When purchased from the Mac App Store, Aperture is licensed for personal use only, compared to commercial use when purchased from the Apple Store.

The list of what’s new in Aperture 3.1.3 includes some fairly substantial under-the-hood changes despite what the minor version number bump indicates (the previous version of Aperture was 3.1.2). The full list of what has changed is as follows:

  • Improves reliability and performance when syncing web-published albums
  • Slideshow exports are now handled as a background operation
  • Crop tool now correctly supports use of gestures to define crop size
  • Gesture support can now be enabled or disabled in Preferences
  • Fixes an issue that could cause a blank sheet to display when placing a book or print order
  • Published MobileMe, Facebook and Flickr albums now appear in a Web section in the Projects Inspector
  • Shift-clicking snapshots on the Faces corkboard now allows you to make contiguous selections
  • Metadata presets are now correctly applied to imported audio files
  • Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when trimming audio in full screen mode
  • Resolves various issues when adding names to Faces using accented, Japanese, Korean or Simplified Chinese characters
  • Improves stability when browsing video clips
  • Addresses reliability of library repair and rebuild

Additionally, Apple has posted release note providing more details on what has changed in 3.1.3 in its online knowledge base on this page.

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    When Photos for OS X is available this spring, Aperture will no longer be available for purchase from the Mac App Store. Aperture combines the control and speed pros want for demanding photo tasks...

AOL Releases ‘PLAY’ Music Sharing and Exploration App

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

AOL released its new PLAY app for the iPhone today, pitching it as an “Instagram for music” according to TechCrunch. PLAY lets you share what you’re listening to via Twitter and Facebook and lets you view what others are sharing in a stream view. PLAY also offers several free music streaming options.

PLAY’s full feature list is as follows:

  • Listen to your music in a beautiful custom music player
  • Play music from an extensive collection of free songs and CD’s updated regularly
  • Access to over 47,000 SHOUTcast radio stations
  • Share your musical experiences with friends and followers
  • Find and follow friends using the app through Facebook, Twitter, or Searching
  • Add your own album art to your shares
  • Share your musical experiences on Facebook and Twitter
  • Listen to previews of your friends music posts and buy songs you like on iTunes
  • Comment on and like your friends shares, you can tag friends in comments too! Just @username your friends and they’ll get an alert
  • Get notifications when a friend follows, likes or leaves you a comment

PLAY has a polished interface and its own player that accesses the music already stored on your iPhone or iPod touch. The music that’s available for streaming for free comes from a wide variety of genres, not to mention the thousands of stations available through SHOUTcaset Radio.

As expected at the debut of a new service, PLAY doesn’t have many members so far. I like the idea of PLAY but it will be interesting to see how well it’s received in the long run. Browsing music shared by others is not quite the same as viewing pictures on a sharing service like Instagram – listening to music takes a bit more time and attention and the friends and acquaintances you follow may simply not enjoy the same kind of music you like. However if you have the time and want to broaden your musical horizons, PLAY is worth a look.

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    PLAY is an application that lets you share musical moments with friends and discover great new music. PLAY not only let's you listen to your own music on your device, it also let's you stream...

Intego Releases ‘VirusBarrier’ for iPhone and iPad

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Intego, the maker of antivirus, anti-spam and other software for multiple platforms, has announced the release VirusBarrier for the iPhone and iPad today. Although there is no known malware that affects iOS, VirusBarrier is a malware scanner that focuses on scanning email attachments and other files before they reach a Mac or PC that could be vulnerable to attack.

VirusBarrier iOS lets you easily scan e-mail attachments, other files you have access to on your iOS device, or files on remote locations such as MobileMe and DropBox, web servers or WebDAV shares. VirusBarrier iOS uses Intego’s award-winning VirusBarrier X6 scanning technology to detect and eradicate all known malware affecting Windows or Macs: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, fake antiviruses, and other types of malware that might otherwise pass through undetected.

Unlike computers, iOS apps have limited access to run in the background so VirusBarrier can’t run scheduled scans on its own and can only check for malware on demand when the app is opened. It can scan files received via email or stored elsewhere on the device or files stored in the cloud on services like Dropbox, iDisk and others.

VirusBarrier’s feature list is as follows:

  • Scans of files received by e-mail, on remote locations, or on iOS devices
  • Scans files for Mac, Windows and Unix viruses and malware
  • Scans files for spyware, Trojan horses, adware, hacker tools, dialers, keyloggers and more
  • Scans ZIP archives
  • Repairs infected files
  • Scans email attachments*, files downloaded from Safari*, and files accessed by applications supporting inter-app file transfers*.
  • Scans remote locations in the cloud, such as Dropbox, iDisks and WebDav disks
  • Scans websites for known phishing URLs, web threats, and malware hosting
  • Automatically updates malware definitions
  • Completes scans in the background
  • Keeps logs of scans

The file types it can scan are: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, PDFs, HTML files, JavaScript files, Windows executables (.exe), Windows .dll files, and others.

VirusBarrier includes a one year subscription to Intego’s malware definitions. After this, you can buy another 12-month subscription for $1.99 via in-app purchase. The subscription automatically renews every twelve months unless you turn off this automatic renewal in your iTunes account settings.

VirusBarrier costs $2.99 and is a universal app to offer an iPad-specific interface. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 4.0 or higher.

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    Scan external files and stop malware on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Stop viruses and malware from passing through your iOS device and infecting your Mac or PC by scanning attachments, cloud...

‘Star Trek PADD’ Takes You Where No Man Has Gone Before

Monday, July 11th, 2011

I feel absolutely no shame whatsoever in admitting that I love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode (and will be confirming that soon since they’re now available for streaming via Netflix) and I still manage to get ensnared by the show when I’m flipping through channels. My father started me on the Star Trek path as a kid with the original series and it’s been a major influence in my daydreams and hopes for the future and technology. And today, CBS has enabled my Star Trek addiction even more with the release of the Star Trek PADD (Personal Access Display Device) app for the iPad.

In the show, characters often used a tablet-like device to access the ship’s systems and database. That tablet featured a flowing, adaptable interface with multi-colored buttons which is perfectly replicated by Star Trek PADD. The app’s description states this is the a reproduction of the LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) interface shown in the series.

The app offers information on the series’ episodes as well as its characters, ships, and technologies and more:

  • Browse or search through official database of Star Trek television series information, including aliens, ships, places, technologies, and episode guide
  • Rich, immersive LCARS graphical interface, introduced in Star Trek: The Next GenerationTM television series
  • Authentic computer sound effects and voice
  • Jump to related information through cross-links to other content
  • Read the latest news from the Star TrekTM Facebook page and Star Trek Twitter feed
  • Enjoy two self-running diagnostic modes with an overview schematic of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM NCC-1701-D

If this app doesn’t seem new to you, you might be thinking of Park Bench Software’s DiagnosticPADD, which became available in the App Store in 2008. CBS Interactive asserted its claimed intellectual property rights earlier this year according to iLounge and Park Bench Software has since removed all references to the Star Trek franchise from its app.

What are you Star Trek fans waiting for? Go get the Star Trek PADD app now. And live long and prosper.

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    The Official Star Trek™ PADD (Personal Access Display Device) immerses fans in a rich interactive database of Star Trek™ information and images with an authentic reproduction of the LCARS style...

iOS Device Owners Downloading More Apps at Higher Prices, Analyst Says

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Fortune reports that Apple iOS device owners are downloading more apps this year than before at higher prices, according to a client report by Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster. Munster’s report comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement last week that more than 15 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store.

Munster reportedly built his own model to calculate what’s going on with the App Store, coming to the conclusion that iOS device users will download more apps in 2011 compared to 2010 and that the average selling price of apps is up in 2011 compared to a decline of in 2010.

More apps: The average iOS device owner will download 83 apps in 2011 vs. 51 in 2010, a 61% increase year over year. “Smartphone users are showing an increasing appetite to use apps to add features to their phones,” Munster writes, “and iOS has the leading app ecosystem.”

More expensive apps: The ASP (average selling price) per app is rebounding. ASPs are up 14% y/y in 20111 vs. an 18% decline in 2010. “After the initial race to the bottom in App Store pricing,” says Munster, “we are seeing users pay up to add features and games to their iOS devices.”

The breakdown of paid vs. free apps in App Store sales over time

Image courtesy of Fortune

Compared to Apple’s App Store with more than 425,000 apps, Android’s App Market offers less than half as many apps with around 200,000 available. While 200,000 is not a small number by any means, it speaks to the robustness of Apple’s ecosystem comparatively and goes a long way to explain the growing sales and popularity of iOS devices.

Munster also notes that the majority of apps in the App Store are free – 82% of them, according to his calculations. And speaking of free apps, our sister site TouchArcade points out a report from Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, stating that freemium (free to download with in-app purchase upgrades available) games are earning more revenue for developers than paid games. With this kind of solid data, developers have incentive to make apps free (while offering additional virtual items and features for purchase in-app), a scenario that can be ideal for the budget-minded iOS device owner or those who like to test drive apps before plunking down any hard-earned cash.

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that AppShopper can help you get even more apps for free or at a lower price by notifying you of sales through our Wish List function via email or push notifications on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad through our official AppShopper app. The app is free (ad-supported with permanent ad removal costing $1.99 via in-app purchase) and is universal to offer an optimized interface on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

‘MelApp’ for iPhone Detects Signs of Skin Cancer

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Worried that there’s more to some of your moles or freckles than meets the eye but just haven’t been able to get to a doctor to have them checked out? Well, there’s an app for that. MelApp by Health Discovery Corporation will evaluate the cancer risk level of your worrisome moles and freckles using image-based pattern recognition technology based on a database of information licensed from the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.

To use MelApp, you capture an image of the mole or freckle and then upload it for analysis. Based on your data connection speed, you’ll then get a risk assessment summary indicating the likelihood that the mole or freckle is cancerous. MelApp uses the standard ABCDE (Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Evolution) assessment to detect early signs of melanoma.

Here is the demo video available within the app that shows you how to frame up a mole or freckle for uploading and evaluation:

In practice, framing up a mole is harder than shown in the video. If the mole is small, it’s hard to zoom in and maintain focus since zooming to high levels will only magnify any small movement of your iPhone. However once you nail this, the app does the rest of the work.

MelApp will keep a history of the moles and freckles you take pictures of and submit for analysis, allowing you to track them over time and notice any changes that could indicate melanoma. Of course, MelApp is not a substitute for a real diagnosis by a physician and this is clearly stated in the risk assessment results provided for every skin lesion evaluated. However, it can definitely be a handy way to quickly check a mole you’re concerned about or even be a useful tool for both you and your physician to keep track of your skin lesions over time.

MelApp hit the App Store last week and costs just $1.99 –  a small price to pay for a handy screening tool to detect the early signs of melanoma. It requires an iOS device with an auto-focus camera and iOS 4.1 or higher.

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    Whether sunning on the beach, cheering at the kids’ outdoor sporting events or hitting the slopes, chances are you’re being affected by damaging UV rays. MelApp for iPhone is an image-based risk...

Classic Mac Video Game ‘Marathon’ Debuts for iPad

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

A classic first-person shooter video game that first debuted for the Mac in 1994 is now available in the App Store. Bungie Software’s Marathon 1 debuted this morning for the iPad for the whopping price of $0.

In Marathon, you play a security officer on the spaceship Marathon following its invasion by aliens and your goal is to repel the invasion with the help of the ship’s AI, Leela. The game offers 27 levels divided into 6 chapters. Our sister site TouchArcade has taken a more in-depth look at the game, pointing out that Bungie jumped in to help developer Daniel Blezek, in porting the game to iOS.

Marathon is a precursor to games like Doom and Duke Nukem and they all have a similar feel so Marathon will be familiar if you’ve played either of those games. There are a couple of additions in the iOS version available via in-app purchase. The first is the ability to buy a “Master Chief” mode for just $.99 that unlocks all weapons, provides unlimited ammo and essentially makes you invincible (think God Mode in Doom). The second is a high-resolution texture pack for $3.99 that will improve the game’s visuals, though this may not make enough of a substantial difference to be worth it according to TouchArcade.

If you like old school first-person shooters with some puzzles and other elements thrown in, definitely give Marathon a look. Free is our favorite price and games that help us reminisce fondly about the earlier days of video gaming make us happy.

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