Unhappy With the New Calvetica? Get Notvetica!

Earlier this month developer Mysterious Trousers released a major update to its popular calendar app for the iPhone, Calvetica. The update brought several new features and views, including an iPad-specific interface, but also removed a popular way to access the week view and some simplicity. In reaction, several users left 1-star reviews complaining about the changes. To respond, Mysterious Trousers has released the previous version of Calvetica, now cleverly dubbed Notvetica, in the App Store for free.

Notvetica’s description contains a message to those unhappy with Calvetica 4.0:

Dear customers,

We still believe the new version of Calvetica is the best calendar app out there but we also believe that making customers happy is important. So we’re releasing this old version of Calvetica for free for one month. We won’t be adding any other features to it and we won’t be supporting it. But you’re free to get it back on your phone. We hope that in the meantime, you’ll at least give the new version a fair shake. Not only is it faster and simpler (no more switching back and forth between the month and day, etc) but it does a LOT more without sacrificing the heart and soul of Calvetica. We’ve got a lot more big plans for the new version and would love to have you along for the ride, but if you don’t want to ride this train, well here’s our olive branch.


Rob & Adam

Mysterious Trousers

P.S. If you left a scathing review on Calvetica 4.0, stating you wanted 3.7 back, perhaps you’ll notice we listened.

While we’ve definitely seen responsive developers before, this move by Mysterious Trousers stands out. At the same time, we also feel for users who have seen a favorite app change in ways that make it less intuitive or easy to use. Cheers to Mysterious Trousers in trying to find a way to satisfy its users! And for those of you who wanted the previous version of Calvetica back, here’s your chance to get it and we also hope you’ll reconsider any negative review you’ve left for Calvetica 4.0.


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