Skyfire Labs Releases ‘Skyfire VideoQ’ for Your Flash Video Viewing Pleasure

Skyfire Labs, a California-based start-up company focused on mobile computing, has released a new app to enable iOS users to view Flash videos on the web. Skyfire VideoQ hit the App Store today and is not a web browser like the company’s previous iOS apps and instead focuses only on Flash video content available on the internet.

Skyfire has created a demo video to show how the new app works:

Skyfire VideoQ offers a neat feature where you can email links to, which will then appear in a queue within the app (this requires you to register your email address with Skyfire first). Alternately, you can simply copy and paste the URL to a Flash video you want to watch from Safari or another app in Skyfire VideoQ in order to watch it. It also features “channels” that list the most popular videos in various categories being watched by other Skyfire users.

Skyfire first became well-known in the world of the App Store in November when it released its self-named browser app that allowed iPhone users to view Flash content on web pages. The Skyfire apps download Flash content to the company’s own servers and then convert it a format that can be played on an iOS device. The app was so popular at its release that Skyfire’s had to remove it from the App Store temporarily and then put it back up for sale in batches due to server overload.

The iPhone and iPad are notorious for not being able to access Flash content on the web due to Apple’s explicit decision to disallow it, seeing Adobe’s format as a “closed system” with poor reliability and security (see this open letter about Flash posted by Steve Jobs in early 2010 for more background on this decision).

If using a different browser on your iPhone or iPad just to see Flash video on the web has not been an attractive option to you, Skyfire VideoQ provides you with an alternative at a slightly lower price ($1.99)  compared to its browser apps ($2.99 for the iPhone version and $4.99 for the iPad version). Additionally, Skyfire VideoQ is a universal app, making it a good value for those who own both an iPhone and iPad.


Skyfire VideoQ™ (Universal)

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Skyfire VideoQ™ is a new kind of video app from the makers of popular the Skyfire Mobile Browser (Sold Separately) for iPhone and iPad - Downloaded over 14 million times! Watch video from across...

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