Moosic: Control Music Playback by Tilting Your iPhone

Although Apple has always offered the ability to control music playback using remote control functions on the headphones included with the iPhone (as many third-party headphones do as well), you now have an additional option to skip to the next song, rewind, and more thanks to 8BitBall’s Moosic app.

Moosic debuted in the App Store late last month and uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect movement to control music playback. You can tilt your iPhone to the right to skip to the next song and tilting it to the left will bring you back to the start of the current song (or the previous song if you’re only a few seconds into the current song). You can also enable functions that will pause music when you tilt the top of your iPhone down and resume playback when you tilt the top of the iPhone up.

8BitBall has created a little cheatsheet picture so you can see these controls:

Moosic also has a neat feature where you can enable the use of the iPhone’s proximity sensor to turn the screen off and on to conserve battery life if you like to place your iPhone face down on a table or put it in your pocket. Another setting lets you invert the tilt controls if you prefer to keep your iPhone face down on a table.

Moosic also serves as a basic music player, accessing all the music store on your iPhone in the iPod app and it includes repeat and shuffle controls.

I’ve been testing Moosic while sitting at my desk and working, which is where I think it works best (if you use it while you’re moving around, you could inadvertently activate the controls with your movement). Moosic is at version 1.0 and is a little bit glitchy and it didn’t always pick up the movements and act accordingly. However, it worked most of the time is definitely a neat and fairly practical way to jump between songs, particularly if you’re using after-market headphones that don’t have iPhone-compatible controls or you simply find moving your iPhone to be an easier control method instead of manipulating tiny buttons on your headphone’s controller.

Moosic costs $.99 and requires iOS 4.1 or later and works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.



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Have you ever faced the hassle of turning on your iPhone's/iPod screen just to the change the music? Now with Moosic, this is all in the past, a music player that translates the iPhone's tilting as...

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