‘Star Trek PADD’ Takes You Where No Man Has Gone Before

I feel absolutely no shame whatsoever in admitting that I love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode (and will be confirming that soon since they’re now available for streaming via Netflix) and I still manage to get ensnared by the show when I’m flipping through channels. My father started me on the Star Trek path as a kid with the original series and it’s been a major influence in my daydreams and hopes for the future and technology. And today, CBS has enabled my Star Trek addiction even more with the release of the Star Trek PADD (Personal Access Display Device) app for the iPad.

In the show, characters often used a tablet-like device to access the ship’s systems and database. That tablet featured a flowing, adaptable interface with multi-colored buttons which is perfectly replicated by Star Trek PADD. The app’s description states this is the a reproduction of the LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) interface shown in the series.

The app offers information on the series’ episodes as well as its characters, ships, and technologies and more:

  • Browse or search through official database of Star Trek television series information, including aliens, ships, places, technologies, and episode guide
  • Rich, immersive LCARS graphical interface, introduced in Star Trek: The Next GenerationTM television series
  • Authentic computer sound effects and voice
  • Jump to related information through cross-links to other content
  • Read the latest news from the Star TrekTM Facebook page and Star Trek Twitter feed
  • Enjoy two self-running diagnostic modes with an overview schematic of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM NCC-1701-D

If this app doesn’t seem new to you, you might be thinking of Park Bench Software’s DiagnosticPADD, which became available in the App Store in 2008. CBS Interactive asserted its claimed intellectual property rights earlier this year according to iLounge and Park Bench Software has since removed all references to the Star Trek franchise from its app.

What are you Star Trek fans waiting for? Go get the Star Trek PADD app now. And live long and prosper.


Star Trek™ PADD

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The Official Star Trek™ PADD (Personal Access Display Device) immerses fans in a rich interactive database of Star Trek™ information and images with an authentic reproduction of the LCARS style...



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