‘Phocus’ Helps You Get Things Done

Having trouble staying focused on your work because of distractions? Looking for a timer to help split your work day between working time and breaks? If so, do check out Phocus by One Tiny Pixel, aka Marshall Bock. Phocus hit the App Store late last month and offers a polished interface with adjustable timers to separate your work day into manageable chunks of time in between breaks.

One Tiny Pixel has created a demo video to show how Phocus works:

Phocus counts down intervals of work time and break time, repeating this cycle 4 times. On the fourth cycle a “reward time” is added at the end. You can easily adjust the default intervals to suit your entire work day or devote time to a specific project or task.

The area behind the countdown timer fills up and changes color to provide a visual indicator of your progress. You can pause any timer in case you need to step away from whatever you’re doing and then re-start it when you return.

Settings allow you to turn off auto-locking to keep your iPhone on at all times, enable push notifications to be alerted when a countdown has ended when you’re using another app, and more.

Phocus is not nearly as extreme as some desktop Mac apps we’ve seen that hide or actually disable distracting apps on your computer to allow you to focus on your work. Since it’s on your iPhone or iPod touch, it really becomes a clock to keep an eye on as you work and it’s only useful if you’re disciplined enough to follow its guidance of course. If a timer is enough to keep you on track, Phocus is definitely worth a look.


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Phocus is a simple time management app aimed at helping you be more productive throughout the day. Nowadays, it can be pretty hard to avoid distraction while you're trying to get stuff done, what...



Phocus looks like the perfect tool for keeping on task throughout the workday, especially for those who work in their home office. I could definitely use this app!


hmm. when looking for a productivity app, the first thing i do not worry about is how “beautiful” it is. you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.


@scottjl: Some people enjoy using ‘beautiful’ equipment and apps.
You don’t have to use the pig for your day-to-day work (otherwise it would be quite gross, in every way you could possibly use it I can imagine).

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