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‘Army of Darkness Defense’ Now Free for a Limited Time

by Marianne Schultz

Yeah, I got a little too excited when Backflip Studios released Army of Darkness Defense last month, but if you’ve seen any of Sam Raimi’s moves in The Evil Dead trilogy, can you really blame me? Well, if you weren’t as excited as I was then, perhaps today’s sale will at least pique your interest.

Backflip Studios is now offering both Army of Darkness HD and Army of Darkness for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch, respectively, for free. The iPad version normally costs $2.99 while the iPhone version regularly costs just $.99. While these prices aren’t high to begin with, you bargain hunters out there can now indulge at will without making even a little dent in your bank account.

I’ve played Army of Darkness HD through all 50 waves and loved every second of it. Well, when I wasn’t shaking my fists at the gods of gaming when I got stuck on a few waves, that is. I’ve just downloaded the version for my iPhone and am looking forward to playing it again, this time with an eye on the Game Center achievements to make sure I hit them all.

Backflip Studios has not said how long this sale will last so go snag these now before they go back to their regular prices!

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/games/army-of-darkness-defense-hd, http://appshopper.com/games/army-of-darkness-defense”]


  1. Jack

    Downloaded. Played.
    I love this game!

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