‘Fast Customer’ Goes Free Temporarily, Lets You Avoid Holding for Customer Service

Fast Customer by developer Results Junkies is now free temporarily, down from its regular price of $.99. Fast Customer is a neat app and service that will connect you directly to a live person at hundreds of businesses so you don’t have to navigate complicated menu systems and suffer through muzak while you wait to speak to someone.

To use Fast Customer, you need to enter the phone number you wish to use (this doesn’t need to be your iPhone’s number). You then select the business you’d like to call – Fast Customer will make the call for you independently and then call you at the number you specified when a live person is available to talk. That’s it. Pretty straightforward and useful to avoid messing around with annoying menu trees when all you need to do is speak to a live person.

Results Junkies has created a video demonstrating how their service works (the video focuses on initiating their service through the web but the concept is the same as the iPhone app):

Fast Customer currently works with customer service lines of over 900 companies – a full list is provided here. You can also request other companies to be added to this list via their contact form here.

Grab Fast Customer now if it’s been on your Wish List or if you make even one customer service call a year – the time and frustration this app could save you is worth it, even at its regular price of $.99.


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