Mac OS X Lion to Be Available via Mac App Store in July for $29.99

At today’s WWDC keynote, Apple executives previewed the next version of the Macintosh operating system dubbed Lion and announced that it will be available for purchase only via the Mac App Store as a compact 4GB upgrade from Snow Leopard priced at $29.99.

The Mac has outpaced the PC industry every quarter for five years running and with OS X Lion we plan to keep extending our lead,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “The best version of OS X yet, Lion is packed with innovative features such as new Multi-Touch gestures, system-wide support for full screen apps, and Mission Control for instantly accessing everything running on your Mac.

With over 250 new features in Lion only a handful were highlighted today, several of which had already been previewed by Apple at other events and on Apple’s site. Retail sales head Phil Schiller demonstrated multi-touch gestures, applications in full-screen mode, the new Mission Control application and window management system, and more.

Photo Booth will get facial recognition features while the Mac App Store will be built into Lion and in-app purchases, which are already common in iOS apps, will be possible for Mac apps. The new Resume feature will re-open applications to the way they were when last used and Lion will automatically save documents to prevent data loss and actively manage versions to preserve disk space.

Another new feature is AirDrop which is a way to share files wirelessly between computers. Macs on the same Wi-Fi network running AirDrop will be visible to each other and files can be dragged and dropped onto the icon for each user to be shared.

Mail will receive a major overhaul in Lion, getting an interface much like the Mail app on the iPad with a split view showing a message list on the left and individual message content on the right. The display of email conversations also gets an upgrade as does searching capability.

Lion will be available some time in July.

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I want to by a dvd copy, so if I dont like it I can sell it for maybe half price, download only means Once used I cant get a penny back and can only exchange it for the same thing, it also saves Apple $$$, from the same 4gb file and server they will serve everyone make millions have no return policy, and if you move to pc later and try to sell a copy on DVD that you bought you will be called a pirate, same for final cut x but at $299 you expect a real manual not a PDF file and you should be able to sell that used without being a pirate unless apple gives a good return policy, right now the app store is pretty much as is- cant sell used no matter what the cost, and 4 GB will take forever to download when I can walk a few blocks to Apple and by a real DVD.
Apples greed is getting to much!!!



Its only $30. You are not gonna get Windows for $30 legally. Stop trolling.



What about us who actually _prefer_ to live in the “dark ages”, and simply want to retain the ability to manually boot from the System OS DVD? If my Mac crashes (which it has done numerous times over the past 25 years) I want a stand-alone start up and reinstall solution in the form of an actual hard-copy that doesn’t rely upon an internet connection or an uncorrupted hard-drive.

Apple’s fences are starting to soar in height (as is their ego). Don’t force “new utopian” ideas upon the flock who’s fed you all of these years. “Progress” is not always a good thing.

Apple today ousted all supposed “DUI Apps” at the request of the Fed’s… What happened to our 4th Amendment Rights protecting us from unreasonable search and seizure, anyhow?

Steve has become a total control-freak in his declining health (does anyone even remember “1984” anymore?)



Thing is Lion will be an upgrade package to Snow Leopard. Much like an expansion pack. They are not releasing it as a stand alone operating system therefor, You use your Snow Leopard disk to get your computer working again and then reinstall Lion.

More than likely they did this not for the “technological advancement” but to stop license issues. People are only allowed to install the OS on one computer so using the App store can make sure that the copy of Lion is tied to the serial number of that mac.

I would have much preferred to have an actual hard copy of the OS simply because I don’t like the App Store that much and I’d rather have it installed from CD. Maybe I’m just getting old.



I really don’t think it’s a licensing issue, because right on Apple’s website they mention that one can use the same OS purchase to install on as many computers as they wish (as long as you use the same Apple ID). Yes, this will stop people from selling their OS disc in whole, but who ever does that anyhow? If I want to upgrade my family’s computers, all I have to do is “re-download” from the App Store using my ID, and voila!

As for your dislike of the App Store in it’s entirety, I could not agree more strongly. I have _never_ bought one single song from the iTunes store (I prefer CD’s for quality & longevity), and I was hoping I would never have to use the App Store likewise. I simply dislike the all-electronic business model. I want to buy something physical that I can hold in my hand (and not have my personal information stored in anyone’s “cloud” either).

So, I realize that I’m rather more “Old-School” than most, but now Apple has simply decided that they don’t care about my preferences (and those of millions of other like users).

I’ll simply pass on this update Apple, thank you very much. Not so sure I like some of the “improvements” anyhow– especially Mail (my bet is that they’ll face very high demand for the previous incarnation, similar to the flubbed iMovie “update” fiasco).

Apple is starting down the old Microsoft road with too much software bloat!


IF I buy a new Macbook Air (when the new ones come out), I expect it should have Lion pre-installed. If I log into and register this New Macbook, and access the App Store with my sole Apple ID,

I would expect that I can leverage the Lion “purchase” on my three other Macs that I currently own, right?

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