AT&T’s ‘Mark the Spot’ Adds Spam SMS Reporting

AT&T’s Mark the Spot app, which allows subscribers to report problems with AT&T’s cellular network, was updated this week to add the ability to report spam SMS messages.

Mark the Spot first debuted in the App Store in December 2009 when AT&T was the sole carrier for the iPhone in the U.S. Since then it’s seen several updates and the most recent update is a welcome one for those of us who receive spam text messages.

While the reporting process for a spam text message is a little awkward (you’ll need to start the submission as you would for a poor data connection or other issue), you’ll see further instructions asking you to forward the spam message to SPAM (7726). Once you forward the spam SMS, you’ll receive a reply from AT&T asking you to reply with the phone number of the spam text’s sender.

While the app doesn’t say what will happen once you forward a message, we presume AT&T will save and track the phone numbers submitted that sent spam text messages and then move to block messages from these numbers once the spamming has been verified. It may not be ideal to ensure you never receive another spam text message again but it’s a welcome step in the right direction.


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AT&T Mark the Spot is an application that allows AT&T to collect information on its customers network experiences and the performance of their devices and provide updates on...


spam fighter

There is no need to download this app in order to report spam. All the app does is give you instructions on forwarding the spam MMS message to “7726”

sms spy

Not sure what all the whining is all about from the knotheads in these reviews. Some blaming the app for wrong locations – the App uses location data fed from the iphone. The iphone is as much of a problem as anything. I switched to Verizon with the iPhone 4 but service was WAY worse. Now back to AT&T.


I don’t doubt it they did that to my daughter, son, and now me. Ack.


I’m so tired of getting calls from an overseas telemarketing company which sometimes uses fake 6 digit phone numbers. I wish they could add “spam” calls to the reporting!


I deleted this app a long time ago… why I have to help them to report the bad reception spot? They KNEW it, just like they KNEW I am using cydia app for tethering. Moreover, not like they care or willing to solve the traffic problem.

I would like to block all the sms if possible, I have no sms plan because I am using GV, free sms but you need data plan, well all iPhone has data plan.

Intercepting text messages

I think it is great in terms of preventing sms spamming and making it across all the networks would only make it alot better.

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