‘Apple Store’ App Updated with Custom Mac Configuration, In-Store Help

In conjunction with changes made at its retail stores yesterday seeing iPads used as interactive product displays, Apple has updated its Apple Store app with new features. Apple Store now lets users define custom configurations for new Macs and offers a special in-store mode to facilitate getting support. Version 1.3 of the free iOS app hit the App Store yesterday.

While in an Apple retail store, customers can now view the length of and join a queue for retail or technical support and see the next workshop on the store’s event calendar.

Users can now order Macs with custom configurations within the app as well.

Interestingly, the Apple Store app is still not universal with an optimized interface for the iPad despite the tablet’s new prominence in the company’s retail stores and the emphasis in Apple’s marketing messages on the iPad’s portability and utility in a wide variety of situations.


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rekz karz

Universal is a misnomer with Apple products! Call it what it is — software which works on 2 device formats (iphone & ipad). Universal should mean OpenSource & platform independent.
Apple is never ‘Universal’, as even webpages developed on/for Apple products won’t work on all browsers.
iTunes deliberately blocks ‘Universal’ access between the iPhone/iPad & devices, etc etc.

*RECLAIMING words from propaganda.


Universal is a misnomer for somebody who has never left their one tiny planet. What do you know about the wonders and varieties that dot across the vast blackness?

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