‘EarthBuzz’ Shows You the Weather Around the World

Experiencing unseasonably cold weather in your neck of the woods? Check! Anxiously checking the weather forecast in hopes of seeing some sunlight in your near future? Check! Daydreaming about traveling to where there is good weather? Check! Then you need the Earthbuzz 3D Weather. Earthbuzz provides weather conditions for the entire globe through an interactive Google Earth-like view.

EarthBuzz’s feature list includes the following:

  • Display current weather conditions on a 3D virtual earth
  • Overlay of animated near real-time (hourly updates) satellite cloud data
  • Employs a 3D tiling engine providing high fidelity deep zoom
  • Uses NASA Blue Marble Next Generation earth imagery
  • Beautiful hi-resolution graphics on the iPhone 4 Retina display
  • Population sensitive LOD (level of detail) display of cities
  • Detailed display of weather conditions and 7-day weather forecasts
  • Animated flight to current GPS location and search locations

Additional features are planned for future updates:

  • Additional weather overlays for observations, advisories, hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Favorite cities, World clock with timezone calculator.
  • Additional language translations.

EarthBuzz uses your iPhone’s GPS receiver to locate you and automatically zoom to your current location to show current weather conditions. Tapping on any city will show more detailed information including a 7-day forecast.

You can easily pan around the entire world using the standard iOS pinch and swipe gestures. Tapping the top of the screen reveals a menu where general app settings, map overlays, and other controls can be found.

While I generally prefer to see more detailed weather information for my current location at a quick glance in an app like WeatherBug Elite, I like that EarthBuzz provides a high-level view of weather conditions for a much wider area at once. If you travel frequently or simply want an overview of weather conditions on a larger scale, EarthBuzz is definitely worth a look.

EarthBuzz debuted in the App Store last month and is a universal app with compatibility with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad though the more recent models of these devices are recommended for the best performance. It costs $1.99 and requires iOS 3.0 or higher.


EarthBuzz Weather

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EarthBuzz Weather is an amazing blend of social networking and earth discovery alongside a practical and comprehensive weather application. Now you can see your Facebook and Twitter friends and...



That is agood invention and also very helpfull for the person who always keep the view on current affaires.

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