28 APR

All A-Twitter: ‘TweetyPop’ Debuts for iPad, ‘TweetDeck’ Gets Major Redesign

by Marianne Schultz

Yes, we love Twitter. No, we’re not ashamed to admit it. We’ve tried a good number of the iOS apps for Twitter available in the App Store and while some don’t prove to be particularly impressive, a few catch our eye every now and then. The recently-released Tweetbot by Tapbots is one and another hit the App Store today: TweetyPop by TapFactory.

TweetyPop, which is for the iPad only, uniquely presents your tweets as blurbs floating in space that you can fling away once read (you can also choose a more traditional list-view). You can move forward and backward through your timeline using virtual buttons and perform standard Twitter actions as well like sending replies and direct messages, retweeting, view trending topics, search, and more.

TapFactory has created a demo video showing how TweetyPop works:

The only feature we miss so far is the ability to capture an image with the iPad 2’s camera to attach to a tweet – you can only choose existing photos already saved in the Photos app.

TweetyPop is available at a special introductory price of $1.99, which is 50% off its regular price. TapFactory is also running a contest to celebrate the launch of TweetyPop with an iPad 2 as the grand prize – you can find more information on their site here.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/social-networking/tweetypop-twitter-reimagined”]

TweetDeck is an iOS app that has been available since the early days of the App Store in the summer of 2009 and it recently got a major overhaul. TweetDeck 2.0 is a completely new app that must be downloaded separately (don’t worry, it’s still free) and will not be available as an update to users of the previous Tweetdeck app.

TweetDeck 2.0 features a streamlined interface and Facebook integration so you can have your Facebook feed incorporated into your Twitter timeline. Demo videos seem to be the preferred method to showcase new features these days and TweetDeck obliges in this area:

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/social-networking/tweetdeck-2″]

Okay, we’re all done talking about Twitter apps this week. We promise.


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    Tweetypop can be so engaging with its virtual textuality, but i think i’d still prefer the simple and grounded interface for my tweets…talk about getting a hold of posts in a text-balloo-filled sky ^_^

  2. Rahul

    Does Appshopper not have enough staff? Why is it always the same person writing the news articles? If you’re looking for some help for the summer – feel free to contact me.

  3. Eric Pramono

    I think TweetDeck 2.0 is a worthy alternative to the official Twitter app.
    A lot of improvements have been made by the developer team in this new version.
    I’ve posted a quick comparison review (head-to-head between the 1.x version and 2.0 version) here: http://bit.ly/eAFwUy
    You should check ‘em out if you’re thinking of upgrading to the 2.0 version or want to look for alternatives for your current Twitter app.
    TweetDeck 2.0 really worths the checking out.

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