‘iFootGauge’ Measures Your Feet, Takes You Shoe Shopping on Amazon

We’ve seen apps that can help you measure distances using sound (Sonar Ruler) and apps that will measure your heart rate using the iPhone’s camera (like Instant Heart Rate and others) but this is the first time we’ve seen an app that will measure your feet for you. Developer Mindskate Limited’s iFootGauge promises to find your correct shoe size and link you directly to Amazon where you can shop for your favorite brand of shoes.

To be clear, we think there are easier ways of finding your shoe size (and who doesn’t already know their own shoe size?) so iFootGauge clearly falls into the novelty app category but we gave it a quick whirl to see how it works.

Before you do any measuring, you need to prepare a plain sheet of paper in a certain way and adjust some settings to define the paper size and shoe size standard to be used. You then place your foot on the paper with your heel and the edge of the paper against a wall and take a picture of them, which is sent to Mindskate’s server where it “analyses the image to make a shoe size measurement for you!”.

It took several tries for iFootGauge to show our feet at the correct size though this could have been a result of incorrect camera positioning in taking the necessary pictures. We were able to browse available shoes of the brand of our choosing on Amazon’s site right within iFootGauge.

Mindskate has posted a video demonstrating how iFootGauge works:

iFootGauge is free at the time of this post though it won’t be for much longer since this price reduction was an Easter holiday special (it debuted at $9.99 but was most recently priced at $2.99). We can’t imagine that many people really need an app to find their shoe size, but iFootGauge could be a neat way to show off your iPhone 4’s capabilities (the app will also work with the fourth-generation iPod touch or iPad 2).


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Use iFootGauge Pro to measure feet and find the shoe size. Especially useful for kids whose feet are always growing! All you need is a regular sheet of plain white paper and this app! iFootGauge...


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