Monthly Archives: April 2011

‘Groupon HD’ for iPad Arrives

Groupon, the group buying website that offers daily deals in several cities across the United States, has released a version of its app for the iPad. Groupon HD hit the App Store last night and offers the ability to purchase deals and redeem them electronically, much like the Groupon app that debuted for the iPhone… Read more »

‘HBO Go’ Debuts in App Store

Either Apple was quicker to approve it than expected or HBO got antsy and jumped the gun since the official HBO Go app is now available in the App Store a few days earlier than the planned release date of May 2. The new universal HBO Go app lets subscribers to the premium channel through… Read more »

‘Evite’ for iPhone Arrives

Evite, the free online service for creating events and sending and managing invitations, has arrived for the iPhone. The official Evite app debuted in the App Store last week and allows users to create new events, send invitations and receive push notifications for invitation responses, comments, and more. Evite has been around for a while… Read more »

‘Fring’ Now Offers 4-Way Video Calling

Fring, a free communications app available for a number of platforms, now offers 4-way video calling through its iOS and Android apps. Fring announced the feature in its blog today and the update to its iOS app just hit the App Store this afternoon. Fring added 2-way video calling for the iPhone 4 last summer… Read more »

D’oh! Homer Simpson’s Voice Comes to TomTom Navigation Apps

TomTom, the maker of personal navigation devices and apps for a variety of platforms, released an update to its line of iOS apps today that includes the ability to purchase and use custom voices. The first voice available via in-app purchase for $5.99 is that of Homer Simpson, the not-too-bright father in the long-running animated… Read more »

First of Many ‘Tweetbot’ Updates Arrives

Tweetbot, the Twitter app by Tapbots that debuted earlier this month to much acclaim, has received an update that brings integration of additional services and bug fixes. Version 1.0.2* of Tweetbot hit the App Store this morning and while it’s called only a “maintenance release” the app now includes support for Posterous and Readability. Posterous… Read more »

‘iFootGauge’ Measures Your Feet, Takes You Shoe Shopping on Amazon

We’ve seen apps that can help you measure distances using sound (Sonar Ruler) and apps that will measure your heart rate using the iPhone’s camera (likeĀ Instant Heart Rate and others) but this is the first time we’ve seen an app that will measure your feet for you. Developer Mindskate Limited’s iFootGauge promises to find your… Read more »

Joby Releases ‘Frame X Frame’ Stop Motion Camera App

Joby, the manufacturer most known for its flexile tripods, has released an all-in-one camera app that features the ability to create stop motion videos from multiple still images. The free Frame X Frame app joined Joby’s existing camera app, Gorillacam, in the App Store late last week. Frame X Frame has the following features: Stitch… Read more »

Easter Sales Hop Into the App Store

While we’re still not sure why Easter is the right time for app sales (though you’ll never find us complaining about it), several developers have drastically reduced prices on their iOS titles and we wanted to highlight a few of them for you. Most notably, EA Mobile has discounted the prices of several games drastically,… Read more »