22 MAR

Rovio Releases ‘Angry Birds Rio’

by Marianne Schultz

Rovio, the Finland-based developer of mobile games for multiple platforms, has released another installment in its Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds Rio hit the App Store last night and pits the various birds in previous versions against smugglers who have kidnapped two macaws. The macaws are characters from the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox animated film, Rio.

Rovio has released separate versions of Angry Birds Rio for the iPhone and iPad. Each offers 60 levels and new achievements, and new episode updates are planned throughout 2011.

The original Angry Birds has been a regular in the Top 200 Paid iPhone apps list and has reached the #1 spot in App Stores around the world.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/games/angry-birds-rio, http://appshopper.com/games/angry-birds-rio-hd”]


  1. Paurian

    With all Angry Birds games, starting early March, your paying for an app with adverts.

    Look at all the one-star reviews. Also notice how Angry Birds has started plummeting since early March.

    People get angry when they pay for adverts. Maybe they should put little Nascar “Bing” logos on their birds to make it less obvious.

  2. Richa

    Angry Birds all around. It has captured the market for 2011. Time is now to play “Angry Birds Rio”. Not to mention will surely enjoy this also. And waiting for next version to release.

  3. AllSpun


  4. Stephen

    Get rid of the ads!

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