‘Tap-Translate’ Brings In-line Translation to Mobile Safari

Though there are plenty of translation apps in the App Store like Google’s own recently-released Google Translate, developer Ronen Drihem has taken a different approach by integrating translation capabilities right within Safari. Drihem’s Tap-Translate hit the App Store earlier this month and while it requires a bit of set-up, it does work as promised.

First, we want to note that Tap-Translate doesn’t operate as an independent app, per se, once you’ve got it up and running. Once you install the app and then follow the instructions to set it up, you’ll never need to open it again since the functionality it promises works right within mobile Safari using Javascript. In fact, once you set it up, you can delete the app from your iPhone or iPad and you’ll still be able to translate away in Safari (though you’ll need to install and set it up it again if you delete the bookmark or switch to a new device).

Setting up Tap-Translate to work requires saving a bookmark, an easy enough task within Safari. However, there’s a little editing involved and Drihem has kindly provided a video of how to set it up and then make use of the translation features it offers:

As you can see, it’s not terribly difficult and it really works. Tapping on a word will show a yellow pop-up box with the translation. Tapping on the plus icon in that box will translate the current section of text. Tapping on the page icon will open up a new browser page with a translation of the entire page. Tapping on the speaker icon will play the selected word aloud.

We usually come across text we want to translate while browsing the web and Tap-Translate makes it easy to do this without needing to open another app. If you’re frequently browsing sites in other languages on your iPhone or iPad, Tap-Translate is a worthy purchase at $1.99 even though you’re essentially paying for a bit of Javascript and not a fully operational app.

Note that the Javascript this “app” provides also works on Safari on your Mac. You can copy it from the bookmark you created on your iPhone or iPad and set it up the same way on your Mac and you’ll get the same functionality there.


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u can use this function without install the app. Just add a bookmark with proper address.

I test, it not working on mac.


Hello ,can somebody help me pls? I intalled tap translate to my iphone 3gs but I can not see no icon ofvthis app. I have read that it must be settings on settings-Safari. But insideSafari settings the taptranslate app icon is missing. What can I do?


ibought this app but it doesnot updated since one year .. it is not fair
we pay 10 box for this app but the developer ignoring updating this app

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