AppShopper Update: iTunes App Ratings Return

A few months ago, we had to make some changes to the iOS app information shown on AppShopper to comply with Apple’s policy on pulling information from the App Store. At that time, Apple’s policy specified that certain information, including app ratings, could not be pulled from the App Store and this feature was removed from AppShopper. However, Apple has recently adjusted the App Store information available for public use and app ratings have returned to AppShopper!

Average rating information is now shown in search results and in each individual app listing near the bottom of the page:



Last Changed: 74 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (138)
Version: 1.4.4
iOS Universal

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The rating reflects the actual App Store user ratings for the current version of each app.



As I’m sure someone will ask, ratings will come to the App too, but we have to wait for the next major update.


Also noticed the What’s New section back too. That’s already showing up in the iOS app. Very happy to see that return!

Adams Immersive

Very nice. Big help!

(Suggestion: make long game titles wrap in search results, since so many apps have multiple versions that start the same.)

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