Verizon Releases Contact Transfer App for iPhone 4

Verizon customers who pre-ordered the CDMA carrier’s iPhone 4 have already started to receive the smartphone, starting with a man in Indiana who received his over the weekend. To help its new iPhone 4 customers, Verizon is fully prepared with its freeĀ VZ Transfer app that’s now available in the App Store.

VZ Transfer first appeared in the App Store a little over a week ago, indicating that Verizon is working to ensure that its customers have tools to use right out of the gate. The app also received an update over the weekend with some bug fixes.

VZ Transfer relies on Verizon’s free Backup Assistant service, which creates an online back-up of all contacts on an existing Verizon phone. If you’re not familiar with the service, Verizon has posted a rather long-winded demo video describing how it works:

Once you’ve set up the service with your existing phone, you simply install the iOS app on your new Verizon iPhone 4 and initiate the transfer. After this, these contacts will also transfer to your computer once you sync your iPhone 4 with it.

Note that this app only works for Verizon iPhone customers in conjunction with the carrier’s Backup Assistant service.


Backup Assistant

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This app is only for Verizon Wireless users on an iPhone. Backup Assistant support has ended. For your device backup and storage needs, please upgrade to Verizon Cloud and activate 2 GB of free...

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James Daniels

I dropped my Droid in water and it’s fried. Moved to an iPhone but cannot get my contacts our of the Droid. Does anyone know how to move the contacts from the Droid’s SD card to Outlook so I can sync them with my iPhone?

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