07 FEB

AppShopper Update: App Change Information Returns

by Marianne Schultz

A few months ago, we had to make some changes to the iOS app information shown on AppShopper to comply with Apple’s policy on pulling information from the App Store. A side effect of that effort was the loss of the “What’s New” data indicating the changes in the last update in each app listing. We expected that this information would return to AppShopper and we’re happy to announce today that it has!

When you view an individual app listing on AppShopper, you’ll see information provided by the developer under What’s New beneath the general description. This information already appears for many of the apps updated within the past few days but is still propagating across the site for the more than 300,000 apps in the App Store shown on AppShopper and will take a day or so to complete.

The What’s New information will also be visible in the official AppShopper app.

If you need support or have any suggestions for AppShopper, please email us at support@appshopper.com.

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  1. Oz


  2. Turim

    Been missing exactly that – thank you :-)

  3. Dave M.

    This is great news! It’s one of the most important pieces of information that was missed when Apple changed their App Store API policy. This data being back makes AppShopper.com a very useful resource again.

  4. Jonathan

    I noticed that was missing, and I was going to blame you guys for it… I should have known! Awesome service/apps!

  5. Thicky

    This is awesome! Now I don’t regret purchasing the ad free version. It was worth paying as this is the best app tracker in the entire Appstore!

    I’m just crossing my fingers hoping that I don’t have to pay for all my in-app ad removal purchases once Apple releases this new in-app subscription policy.


    Thanks! :D

  6. Nonstickron

    I’m so happy.

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