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‘TiVo’ for iPad Released

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

TiVO, the popular DVR maker, has released its promised iPad app that offers remote control for the company’s Premiere line of boxes. TiVo had previewed the app in November, highlighting its ability to act as a second screen to browse shows and manage recordings without interrupting what’s currently being watched. TiVo for iPad hit the App Store early this morning and is free.

The app’s full list of features is as follows:

  • Browse full-screen program guide without interrupting playback
  • View shows up to 14 days in advance
  • Schedule one-time recordings and Season Pass® recordings
  • Start watching a show with the flick of a finger
  • Browse your recorded shows and quickly launch a video on your TiVo Premiere
  • Initiate playback of a recorded show on TiVo Premiere from the iPad
  • Search for programs and actors
  • Search across broadcast TV and TiVo’s premium broadband providers—like Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand—and see integrated results
  • Explore cast and crew while watching a show
  • Post about what you’re watching on your Facebook page or Twitter account
  • Intuitive, gesture-based remote control
  • Manage Season Pass recordings and the To-Do List
  • Delete and reprioritize recordings for your favorite shows
  • Schedule, Search and Browse for shows while you’re out of the house
  • Instantly schedule shows while you’re not at home

TiVo has posted instructions on how to link the app to your own TiVo DVR, along with other information on how to use the app. The TiVo Premier boxes with which the app is compatible start at $99 with a 1-year commitment to the TiVo service.

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    The free TiVo App for iOS is the ultimate entertainment app serving up control, discovery and a mobile place for viewing. Watch live or recorded TV via your TiVo, find shows and schedule recordings...

Apple Kicks Off 10 Billion App Downloads Celebration with Contest

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Apple is celebrating the upcoming 10 billionth download from the App Store with a contest. The lucky person who downloads the 10 billionth app will win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. We don’t know anyone who would turn down a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card and all you need to do to enter is visit the App Store and download an app (Apple also offers a way to enter without making a purchase via an alternate entry form here). Easy as pie!

Apple has posted the official contest rules here. If you’re looking for some good apps to download, check out our 2010 Apps of the Year and our Top 200 lists. Good luck!

‘World of Goo’ On Sale at Half Price

Friday, January 14th, 2011

If you’re looking for an addictive and unique iPad game, World of Goo is currently on sale for $4.99, down from its regular price of $9.99.

World of Goo was created by San Francisco-based independent developer 2D Boy and was first available for the Mac, PC, and Wii, winning several independent gaming awards. It debuted for the iPad just one month ago and has made quite an impression already – World of Goo is TouchArcade’s 2010 iPad Game of the Year (you can see TouchArcade‘s full review of World of Goo here).

Here’s one of the trailers showing the World of Goo world:

2D Boy has stated that this sale is only for a limited time, so go get World of Goo now before it goes back to its regular price of $9.99.

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    "iPad Game of the Year" - TouchArcade "iPad Game of the Year" - MetaCritic IMPORTANT: This is a big game and requires either an iPad, or iPhone 3GS or newer, or a...

‘Google Mobile’ Goggles Feature Enhanced with Ad Recognition, Sudoku Solving

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Google Mobile was updated earlier this week, adding new capabilities to its Google Googles visual search feature. Google Goggles can now recognize printed advertisements and solve Sudoku puzzles. Google also fixed bugs and added support for opening the Google Voice app directly from Google Mobile in this latest version.

Google Goggles was added to the Google Mobile iOS app in October after debuting for Android OS devices in late 2009. While Google Mobile is a universal app compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the Google Goggles feature requires a device with an auto-focusing camera, thereby limiting its use to the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 at this time.

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    The best of Google in one app. Say “Ok Google” and find everything from nearby restaurants to the calories in cheesecake. Google also shows you the info you need before you ask, like updates on...

Mac App Store Support Coming Soon

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Apple launched the Mac App Store last week. It seeks to replicate the massive success of the iOS App Store with Apple’s desktop machines. The Mac App Store carries a very similar structure to the iOS App Store, so it should come as no surprise that we are planning on supporting it here on AppShopper.

The Mac App Store is at its infancy right now, so the volume is significantly less. In fact, here’s a list of all new apps launched on the Mac App Store yesterday:

New Mac Apps on 1/11/2011

- Playwatch
FaceTop – Facebook Photo Downloader
Clemenza’s Notepad for Mac
Fireplace (Yule Log) HD
Big Mountain Snowboarding
Cleopatra: a Queen’s Destiny
Acupoints Ultimate
Chickens vs. Weasils
uBoot – submarine game
Aa Match Preschool Alphabet (Free)
Ohm’s Law Calculator
GeekBench 2
Backdrop (Free)
Dracula Series : La Voie du Dragon – Episode 1
Battle Bears – 1 Mac
Let’s Golf HD

In contrast, about 600 new apps in the iOS App Store over the same time period. Regardless, even with the lower volume, we still find it hard to discover new apps or app changes through the App Store interface. That’s why we created AppShopper, and we hope Mac support to be implemented very soon.

Verizon Wireless Announces CDMA iPhone 4

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

At a press event today Verizon Wireless, the largest cellular carrier in the U.S., announced that it will offer a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 beginning next month. The availability of a Verizon iPhone has been speculated for years and hinged on the end of AT&T’s exclusive arrangement to carry the incredibly popular handset in the U.S.

Touting the reliability and superiority of its network, Verizon’s President and Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam described the company’s most recent strategic partnership with Apple at the start of the event. McAdam stated that Verizon began talks with Apple in 2008 and tested a CDMA iPhone for a year before bringing the device to market.

Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, joined McAdam on stage to provide more details on the iPhone for Verizon, essentially describing the current iPhone 4 model available on GSM carriers with the exception of its CMDA network compatibility and Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

Verizon will begin selling the iPhone 4 to existing Verizon Wireless customers on February 3 and to new customers on February 10. The 16GB iPhone 4 will cost $199 and the 32GB iPhone 4 will cost $299, each with a 2-year contract. Differentiating itself from AT&T, Verizon will allow its iPhone 4 to act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices. Comparatively, the iPhone on AT&T offers internet tethering to a single device via USB or Bluetooth, a feature which commands a $20 premium tacked on to the most expensive data plan offered.

In the Q&A following the announcement, a few additional details emerged. Of note, Verizon’s iPhone 4, like other CDMA devices, will not be able to handle a voice call and data transmission at the same time, which means that an incoming or outgoing call will halt any data transmission in progress. AT&T’s 3G network is capable of maintaining data transmission during an active voice call.

Also revealed during the Q&A is that Verizon has a multi-year agreement with Apple to offer the iPhone though it is not an exclusive deal, which opens the possibility of Sprint and other CDMA carriers offering the device as well.

No information on plan pricing was provided at the event. Those interested in the Verizon iPhone can sign up to receive additional information as it becomes available on Verizon’s site here.

‘VLC Media Player’ Removed from App Store

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Applidium’s VLC Media Player, a free and open-source media player capable of playing a wide variety of video file types, has been removed from the App Store. Conflicts between the Gnu Public License under which VLC Media Player was developed and Apple’s App Store terms of use are apparently the cause of the app’s removal.

The Gnu Public License decrees that software distributed under its terms may not have its usage be restricted in any other way. Apple’s terms of service for the App Store apply limits to the apps distributed through it, which by its very nature conflicts with the Gnu Public License according to the Free Software Foundation.

Rémi Denis-Courmont, a developer who is part of the VideoLAN group that produces the VLC software for a number of platforms, had notified Apple of this conflict in late October, predicting that Apple would simply remove the app from the App Store rather than amend its own terms of service to avoid conflict with the Gnu Public License. He announced the removal of VLC Media Player from the App Store on Saturday after he was notified by an Apple attorney.

VLC Media Player first became available in the App Store in September for the iPad only. It had been updated in October to add compatibility with the iPhone along with a few new features.

While VLC Media Player is no longer available in the App Store, users who downloaded the app before it was removed can technically continue to use it. Without the ability to update the app, however, it may cease to work in the future if changes are made to iOS that make it incompatible.

Navigon and Audi Release Free Las Vegas Navigation App

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

If you’re in Las Vegas at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show or just planning to visit Sin City in the near future, Navigon and Audi have got you covered when it comes to getting around. Coinciding with the start of the annual show yesterday, Navigon announced the release of a new free app, Audi Las Vegas Navigator.

Audi Las Vegas Navigator is a single-state version of Navigon’s MobileNavigator app, offering all of the same features as its paid versions that cover multiple geographical regions, including turn-by-turn text-to-speech voice guidance, 2D and 3D map views, pedestrian mode, and more.

Navigon last made the news in December when version 1.7.0 of its MobileNavigator app was released with iPad compatibility and the addition of Zagat guides available via in-app purchase.

Audi Las Vegas Navigator is available for a limited time only, so go get it soon if a visit to Las Vegas is in your future.

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