New on AppShopper: Mac OS Apps

We’re happy to announce that Mac OS applications in the Mac App Store that launched earlier this month are now included on AppShopper. As with iOS apps, you can now browse and track Mac apps on AppShopper, including adding them to your Wish List and receiving email notifications of price drops and updates.

A new toggle in the upper left hand corner lets you switch between iOS and Mac apps, and all Mac apps are clearly labeled “Mac OS” next to the version number.

A toggle to select Mac, iOS, and All apps will be added soon to sort searches and the My Apps and Wish List tabs.

RSS feeds for Mac apps will be added shortly to the sidebar on the right on the What’s New tab though these will only represent some of the RSS feeds available. Any combination of the filters in What’s New can be chosen, and the corresponding RSS feed link is displayed in the upper right corner.

The Mac App Store is still quite new and doesn’t have nearly as many apps as the iOS App Store. As of this post, there are just over 1,300 apps in the Mac App Store compared to more than 300,000 iPhone and iPad apps in the iOS App Store. While we don’t expect the Mac App Store to experience the same kind of massive growth that the iOS App Store has in the past 2 1/2 years, we’re sure there will soon be no shortage of Mac apps to suit a wide range of needs in the Mac App Store.

If you use our official AppShopper iOS app, note that Mac Apps will not be visible within the app. Also, our importer tools for the Mac and Windows will only import iOS app information from your computer to your AppShopper account at this time.



Whoohooo! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since the Mac App store was announced. 😀 Thanks guys!

Carson J Gallo

Are you gonna update your iOS app soon so we can manage and see Mac Apps?


That’s great news. AppShopper is the best 😉 Btw. it seems like the screenshots switching is broken for (at least) for iOS apps…


It’s about time 🙂 As the store grows it’s a great idea to begin its monitoring right from the beginning!


Thanks for adding this feature!

Just curious is Top 200 going to remain iPhone/iPad only or will it change to iOS/Mac or something like iPhone/iPad/Mac?

Felix the Upright Bassist is ahead of the rest of Apps sites with this step, covering all apple app stores.

Thank you!

Mac apps do show up even in the iOS app if the developer also has an iOS app, like TextExpander for instance: you find their apps DiscLabel and PDFpen/Pro under “more Apps”. But you do not get search results, though.


How about larger screenshots for the Mac apps? And can developers access the number of people who have add an app to their wish list to see if we are waiting for it to be price dropped? 🙂

Michael Berg

Guys, seriously?

I use your price update push notifications RELIGIOUSLY to make sure I’m not overpaying for an app that will inevitably drop in price one day.

So here’s the thing… I’m casually searching on AppShopper, hoping that similar functionality would be implemented for the MAS at some point in the future, and I find out that you’ve already implemented this feature?!

I. Love. AppShopper.

Thanks for everything!

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