Bacon Bear Provides Easier Address Entry for Navigon and TomTom Apps

We’ve tried many of the iOS navigation apps available and those by Navigon and TomTom are at the top of our list of favorites. Despite our appreciate of each, we find that both apps do have rather tedious destination address entry methods, requiring you to enter the state, city, street name, and numerical address on separate screens. Bacon Bear Productions has a solution for this tediousness in the form of two new address entry apps for each app – Navigon Now and TomTom Now.

Navigon Now and TomTom Now allow you to copy and paste complete addresses from another app or manually enter an address, and then each app will automatically enter the destination address entry on its own within the respective navigation app, eliminating the multi-step entry process.

Copying an address is easy with the built-in copy and paste functionality within iOS. Each app will automatically paste any copied content into the address entry field when you first open the app. You then tap on the Launch button, which will open the associated app and enter the address. Of course, you must already have a TomTom or Navigon navigation app installed on your iOS device for either app to work.

We tried Navigon Now to capture copied addresses from Google Maps and Safari, as well as entering an address manually directly within Navigon Now. Navigon recognized the address most of the time, occasionally asking us to make a selection between two final addresses, though the addition of this extra step was still generally faster than entering addresses manually directly within Navigon.

It may seem a little odd to have a separate app just for address entry for an expensive navigation app you already own, but it can be a time saver and Navigon Now will stay on our iPhones. If you’re a frequent traveler who relies on a TomTom or Navigon navigation app for guidance regularly, one of these Bacon Bear apps could invaluable to you. Of course, this clearly presents an opportunity for both TomTom and Navigon to simplify address entry in their respective apps that we hope they address sooner rather than later, but we applaud Bacon Bear for stepping up to the plate in the meantime.


Navigon Now ~ Easy Address Entry...

Last Changed: 48 months ago
Rating: 2.50 (313)
Version: 1.2
iOS Universal

** This app simplifies address entry for the NAVIGON line of GPS apps. It is not a navigation app itself. ** Quickly launch NAVIGON navigation software by pasting or typing an address from...


Nav Now ~ Address Entry Made Easy

Last Changed: 48 months ago
Rating: 3.50 (14)
Version: 1.2
iOS Universal

** This app simplifies address entry in navigation apps and is compatible with the 'TomTom App'. It is not a navigation app itself. ** Quickly launch the "TomTom App" navigation...



If Apple allowed devs to extend existing apps (like adding a button to an address book entry), this issue wouldn’t even come up. But no, Apple won’t allow it.

Apple, fix it!

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