Starbucks Mobile App Payments Now Accepted Nationwide

Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee store chain, announced today that its mobile payment system is now available nationwide, allowing users to pay for items using the Starbucks Card Mobile app available for the iPhone and Blackberry.

Starbucks Card Mobile is a free app compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. To make payments through the app, a registered Starbucks card is required. Obtaining a card and registering it with Starbucks is also free.

To make a mobile payment, a user simply presents the barcode on the Scan Now screen within the app to a cashier. The sale amount will then be deducted from the associated Starbucks card. Mobile payments are available in U.S. only at company-operated stores and those located within Target stores.

Starbucks Mobile Card for the iPhone was first released in September 2009, with mobile payment possible in select stores in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area as a trial. The trial was later expanded to all Starbucks stores located within Target stores in March 2010.


Starbucks Card Mobile

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Kind of OT but what is the point of a Starbucks card? Do some stores not accept money?


What’s the point of Best Buy cards? Gas cards? Department store cards?

It’s like a gift card, and if you register it, you can earn free drinks. For those who actually frequent Starbucks, this is actually pretty neat.


Why aren’t they informing people that they can’t be used in the drive-thru because baristasr can’t handle phones?


I’ve been waiting for this one to go nationwide, one more thing I can do with my phone and one less thing I need to carry in my wallet.

joey williams

i was told this was also to be a discount card and when i made my drink order my soy milk and other additives were suppose to be free and i am still paying when i go i feel like real sucker and fyi i did register my card online

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