14 JAN

Apple Kicks Off 10 Billion App Downloads Celebration with Contest

by Marianne Schultz

Apple is celebrating the upcoming 10 billionth download from the App Store with a contest. The lucky person who downloads the 10 billionth app will win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. We don’t know anyone who would turn down a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card and all you need to do to enter is visit the App Store and download an app (Apple also offers a way to enter without making a purchase via an alternate entry form here). Easy as pie!

Apple has posted the official contest rules here. If you’re looking for some good apps to download, check out our 2010 Apps of the Year and our Top 200 lists. Good luck!


  1. John Hinckley

    That’s funny! Also I heard that intelli-Diet said that if it happens to be their app on the TEN BILLIONTH download, that they’ll buy you an iPad! http://bit.ly/OMGAPP

  2. Lawrence

    Latest update: additional $5000 if FX Photo Studio becomes a 10th billion app downloaded. Plus $1000 if it is any photography app from the App Store. http://bit.ly/dGwQXY

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