‘VLC Media Player’ Removed from App Store

Applidium’s VLC Media Player, a free and open-source media player capable of playing a wide variety of video file types, has been removed from the App Store. Conflicts between the Gnu Public License under which VLC Media Player was developed and Apple’s App Store terms of use are apparently the cause of the app’s removal.

The Gnu Public License decrees that software distributed under its terms may not have its usage be restricted in any other way. Apple’s terms of service for the App Store apply limits to the apps distributed through it, which by its very nature conflicts with the Gnu Public License according to the Free Software Foundation.

RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont, a developer who is part of the VideoLAN group that produces the VLC software for a number of platforms, had notified Apple of this conflict in late October, predicting that Apple would simply remove the app from the App Store rather than amend its own terms of service to avoid conflict with the Gnu Public License. He announced the removal of VLC Media Player from the App Store on Saturday after he was notified by an Apple attorney.

VLC Media Player first became available in the App Store in September for the iPad only. It had been updated in October to add compatibility with the iPhone along with a few new features.

While VLC Media Player is no longer available in the App Store, users who downloaded the app before it was removed can technically continue to use it. Without the ability to update the app, however, it may cease to work in the future if changes are made to iOS that make it incompatible.



Seems to me it’s simply the fact that the VLC app plays Flash files (.flv) and as we all know, apple has this thing going against adobe and flash… thus the ipad doesn’t do flash… Duh, seems pretty obvious WHY apple has removed VLC player from the apps list.


Wow, you don’t know how to read, do you?
Apple didn’t remove it on their own TOS. They removed it because they were asked to. You sound so ignorant.


Well oPlayer Is Not Bad, But Thankfully I Got VLC Before It Was Pulled, Also Can Get It Via Cydia If Required


You know, them taking VLC has nothing to do with upgrading your iOS. If you got it before it was pulled, you will always have it, as long as it stays on either your phone or computer.


I realize I will always have it. My previous statement was based on the last sentence of the article:

“Without the ability to update the app, however, it may cease to work in the future if changes are made to iOS that make it incompatible.”

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