Most Popular and Wanted Apps in 2010

At the end of the year, we thought it was a good idea to dive into our database of App Store apps and present some interesting lists of the most popular apps in 2010.

The following two lists show the most popular apps based on the top 100 lists. These lists for both iPhone and iPad were generated based on the rank and length of time each app had in the bestsellers lists.

Top iPhone Apps 2010

1. Angry Birds
2. Doodle Jump
3. Skee Ball
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Gamebox 1
6 Bejeweled 2
8. Plants vs. Zombies
9. Moron Test
10. Pocket God

Top iPad Apps 2010

1. Pages
2. Angry Birds HD
3. GoodReader for iPad
4. SCRABBLE for iPad
5. Friendly Plus for Facebook
6. Numbers
7. Keynote
8. Star Walk for iPad
9. Pinball HD
10. Penultimate

Next we looked at our user’s Wish List apps to see what the most wanted apps were for 2010. As you might expect, the list only represents paid apps, since no one bothers wish-listing free apps. But one surprise was that a large number of users have wish-listed the $0.99 app Angry Birds, in the hopes it will drop to free at some point.

Most Wanted Apps of 2010

1. Infinity Blade
2. Angry Birds
3. Awesome Note (+Todo)
4. Street Fighter IV
5. Real Racing 2
6. Angry Birds HD
7. Dungeon Hunter 2
8. Plants vs. Zombies
9. Skyfire Web Browser
10. iMovie