José Cuervo Will Call a Cab for You on New Year’s Eve

Jose Cuervo, the popular tequila brand, wants you to celebrate the arrival of 2011 safely and has reminded us of its cab-finding app to assist you with that endeavor. Cue the Cab is a free app that uses the iPhone’s geolocation capabilities to find and contact a local cab company for you.

To use the app, you first need to go through a quick registration process to verify that you’re of legal drinking age and enter your phone number. While we were a bit wary about entering our phone number, we haven’t been bombarded with calls or text messages so José Cuervo doesn’t appear to be up to anything nefarious in gathering this information.

Once you’ve finished with this process, all you need to do is press the virtual gold button and you’ll be brought to the Phone app where a call to the closest local cab company will be initiated automatically. You’ll hear a brief message from José Cuervo thanking you for using the app and then you’ll be connected to the selected cab company. We found Cue the Cab to be a little hit or miss in finding the nearest cab company in the suburbs of Boston but better within the city proper – you’ll probably get the best results if you’re doing your celebrating in a major city.

Cue the Cab isn’t the most comprehensive taxi finding app we’ve seen but we appreciate that a major tequila brand is stepping up to encourage drinkers to be responsible when it comes to getting home after an evening out. And above all, we want all AppShopper readers to celebrate safely on the upcoming holiday weekend and all other times.


Cue The Cab

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The Jose Cuervo Cue the Cab application is a quick and easy way to help you get home safely. Dial a taxicab from nearly any location with a single tap, and get directly connected to the closest cab...