‘ToonCamera’ Brings Unique Animation Effects to Your Pictures and Videos

Code Organa recently released a major update to its ToonCamera app, adding the ability to record video within the app, edit saved pictures, and more. ToonCamera first became available in late September but it caught our eye after its most recent update. We’ve found it to be a unique app that can create an entirely different look for your videos and pictures.

ToonCamera uses the rotoscoping animation technique to change your videos and photos on the fly. This animation technique will adjust your videos and pictures using cartoon, sketch, or stippled styles. Within each style you can adjust line thickness between three levels, allowing for a total of 9 effects types. Code Organa has created a video demonstrating how ToonCamera works:

You can choose to capture a live video or picture immediately using the iPhone’s camera (on the iPhone 4 you can also switch to the front-facing camera) or import an existing picture from the Camera Roll or any photo album. When capturing video or a still image, there’s an on-screen switch to turn the flash on or off as needed. You can share your masterpieces with others via email, Facebook (still images only), YouTube (video only), or Twitter.

All in all, ToonCamera is easy to use and the developer has promised higher resolution image capture and other features in a future update. ToonCamera is currently on sale for $.99, which is 50% off its regular price, to celebrate the release of version 2.0. Note that you must have an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or 4th-generation iPod touch and iOS 4 or higher to use ToonCamera.



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Version: 4.2
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Transform your world into a live cartoon. Selected by Apple for iTunes Rewind Hot Trends In Apps and as an App Store Essential. "An amazing piece of technology." - Terry White,...

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