23 DEC

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad Debuts

by Marianne Schultz

Skyfire Web Browser, the wildly popular app that¬†allows iPhone users to view Flash video content on the web, has arrived for the iPad. The California start-up that developed the app promised an iPad version last month, describing that the app was a work in progress via the company’s official Twitter account.

Skyfire for the iPhone and iPod touch hit the App Store in early November and became so popular at its relase that the use of the app overloaded the company’s servers, prompting the company to temporarily withdraw it from the App Store. We got our hands on the app before it was removed from the App Store and reviewed it. Skyfire eventually¬†returned to the App Store in batches as the company beefed up its capacity.

Skyfire for the iPad sports some interface tweaks to make it easier to use on the device’s larger screen. Most notably, there is a toolbar across the bottom with 8 buttons that offer easy access to several functions, including some enhanced social networking features with Facebook as well as Google Reader integration.

While the iPhone version of Skyfire works on the iPad, it of course lacks the interface that takes advantage of the device’s larger screen. While we’re a bit disappointed to see Skyfire for the iPad arrive as a separate app instead of a universal version, we can understand how the company would want to capitalize on an opportunity to sell another product to the growing iPad user base. It was reported that Skyfire earned about $1 million in its first weekend in the App Store and the company arguably stands to keep raking in more cash with its new iPad version.

Skyfire for the iPad costs $4.99 while the version for the iPhone and iPod touch holds steady at $2.99.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/utilities/skyfire-web-browser-for-ipad, http://appshopper.com/utilities/skyfire-web-browser”]

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