16 DEC

Navigon Update Adds iPad Compatibility and Zagat Guides

by Marianne Schultz

Navigon, the maker of personal navigation devices and apps for multiple smartphone platforms, has released a major update to its line of iOS navigation apps adding iPad compatibility and access to the famous Zagat (U.S.) and Michelin (Europe) guides via in-app purchase. Version 1.7.0 of Navigon MobilenNavigator for the various regions covered hit the App Store this morning in conjunction with sale pricing for several areas.

The complete list of changes and updates in version 1.7.0 is as follows:

☞ Active Lane Assistant

Provides a realistic display of the actual course of the road including curves in a dynamic travelling animation. It not only shows you in good time which lane you need to change to, but also when.

☞ Additional Travel and Restaurant guides (available through In App Purchase)

If getting from A to B is not enough for you a variety of additional guides will assist you in choosing the best restaurants, hotels and travel destinations.

☞ Universal app for iPhone and iPad

Use NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone in an optimised version for your iPad.

☞ Sharing stored Favourites between iOS devices

Do you use NAVIGON MobileNavigator on more than one Apple device? Then you can simply transfer saved Favourites from one device to the other, quickly and easily, via email.

☞ MyReport

Have you come across a change in traffic, such as a new roundabout? MyReport allows you to report changes in the road network simply and directly, by making an entry in your iPhone or iPad. Once they’ve been thoroughly checked by experts, your reports will be incorporated into one of our latest map releases.

Navigon notes in its press release that the update to 1.7.0 is already available for its MyRegion apps covering the U.S. and that the update is coming soon for the USA and North America versions.

In the U.S., the in-app purchase of the Zagat guide currently costs $5.99, on sale from its regular price of $7.99. Additionally, MobileNavigator North America is on sale for $44.99, down from $59.99 while MobileNavigator USA and MobileNavigator Canada are both on sale for $34.99 each, down from $49.99. The MyRegion apps (East, Central, and West) are on sale for $24.99 each, down from $29.99.

MobileNavigator apps covering other regions are also on sale with the release of 1.7.0 – see a full list of all Navigon apps here. Navigon’s apps will be on sale until January 6, 2011.

While Navigon isn’t the first to bring turn-by-turn navigation to the iPad (CoPilot Live HD by ALK Technologies debuted in the App Store in May), it is the first major navigation app developer to provide universal versions of its apps, upping the value to those who own both an iPhone and an iPad. Navigon is clearly working to stay at the top of the heap in the Navigation category of iOS apps with this latest update.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/navigation/mobilenavigator-north-america, http://appshopper.com/navigation/navigon-mobilenavigator-usa, http://appshopper.com/navigation/navigon-mobilenavigator-canada, http://appshopper.com/navigation/navigon-myregion-us-east, http://appshopper.com/navigation/navigon-myregion-us-central, http://appshopper.com/navigation/navigon-myregion-us-west”]


  1. Adams Immersive

    MyRegion, especially during the occasional sale, is an amazing GPS deal. Especially if you have more than one OS device and can get two full GPS systems for almost nothing! (And they work even without an Internet connection, unlike Android’s built-in service. I installed Navigon on my old deactivated iPhone 3G: the Maps app is useless while driving since it has no data other than WiFi… but Navigon works great.)

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