Mac App Store to Open on January 6, 2011

Apple announced today that the Mac App Store will open on January 6, 2011. First announced at Apple’s media event in October, the Mac App Store will operate much like the iOS App Store on the iPad, offering app descriptions, user reviews, and one-click downloads. At launch, the Mac App Store will be available in 90 countries and will offer both free and paid apps in a number of categories.

Developers were invited in November to start submitting apps to be included in the Mac App Store. Like the iOS App Store, developers will yield 30% of all sales to Apple and keep the remaining 70%. Apple has provided guidelines to developers as well, stipulating that the Mac App Store will not accept beta or trial versions of apps. Additionally, promo codes will not be available for the Mac App Store for developers to distribute at their discretion.

When released, the Mac App Store will be a free download for Macs running Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6).



I was wondering whether you have plans to incorporate Mac App Store data into your site? I think it would be great to have a one-stop shop for both iOS and Mac OS X!

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