Jawbone’s ‘Thoughts’ App Released

It was just yesterday that we first saw Jawbone’s Thoughts app previewed and the app hit the App Store early this morning. Jawbone, the maker of premium Bluetooth headsets featuring advanced noise cancellation technology, describes the app as a “new way to communicate with friends and groups without typing or calling” by letting users exchange voice messages.

Once you’ve set up your Jawbone account or logged into an existing one in the app, you can record messages and send them to others via email or SMS. If you send it to someone who does not have the Thoughts app, they’ll see a link to listen to the message on the web. Those who have the app will be able to access messages within the Thoughts app and respond directly. You can also create Groups of contacts to send messages to several people at once.

We have to admit that we don’t see Thoughts as all that revolutionary. We prefer to send SMS or MMS messages most of the time (or use a messaging app like Textie, or Beejive for instant messaging). If we make a phone call, it’s because we want to talk to someone live. If we wanted to be sure to leave a voicemail for someone without actually making a call, we’d use an app like Slydial, which lets you go straight to someone’s voicemail box to leave a message using the free Slydial service.

If you have a Jawbone Icon headset, you can install the Thoughts DialApp on it through Jawbone’s site. We tested it with our own Jawbone Icon and were able to record a draft Thought through the headset while our iPhone 4 was locked and the app wasn’t even open. When we opened the app, the draft Thought was in an Unsent Drafts folder ready to be addressed and sent. Admittedly, this is pretty neat, though note that installing this app on your Icon will replace its ability to trigger the iPhone’s voice command feature with the headset’s talk button.

Thoughts is a free app so there’s really no risk to you to at least try it out. Given its (unsurprising) integration with the Jawbone Icon headset, it might end up being more useful for those who own this headset. As with other communication apps we’ve seen, it works best when the people you contact with it also have the app, so you may need to do a little campaigning to get your iPhone-owning friends to join you in using it.

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Jawbone THOUGHTS is an amazing new way to communicate with friends and groups without typing or calling. Just speak your message and instantly send it to anyone in your address book. When people...