FLUD News Reader Debuts for iPhone

FLUD, a news app previously only available for the iPad, is now available for the iPhone. The free app hit the App Store yesterday and features a revised interface to suit the device’s smaller screen.

Using feeds to derive content, the app can display the latest from up to 25 sites at once presented in scrollable virtual “cards”. The app comes pre-loaded with the feeds of several popular sites and also offers a “love” feature to mark news items, which in turn influences articles highlighted for other FLUD users.

FLUD reminds us a little of Pulse News Mini by Alphonso Labs with its presentation of content in an eye-pleasing and unique way. As with the Pulse apps, FLUD is not intended to be a hardcore RSS reader app that will help you get through hundreds of feed subscriptions easily. Instead, it is meant for more leisurely consumption along with the social “love” tagging aspect to allow users to see what’s most popular among FLUD users at any given moment.


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★★★★★ Private social news feeds for teams in companies Set up secure company news feeds, share stories with co-workers, and Flud stories from all across the web in your browser with our...