PSA: ‘My TSA’ App Provides Live Airport Status Information

If you’re flying this holiday weekend and want to be sure your time at the airport goes as smoothly as possible, check out the official My TSA app. The Transportation Security Administration released the app this summer but we wanted to point it out since this is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and the app could make your life a lot easier. My TSA provides real-time status information for security checkpoints at airports across the U.S. plus a lot more.

The app’s full list of features is as follows:

  • Check approximate wait times at TSA security checkpoints at the airport of your choice and add your own wait time for other to see.
  • Quickly search whether you can bring items with you through the checkpoint onto the airplane.
  • Consult the TSA Guide on how to prepare for and get through the security checkpoint quickly.
  • See airport delay information for airports nationwide — and see how long are the delays.
  • Provide immediate feedback to TSA concerning your checkpoint experience.

The app allows you to (anonymously) share the wait time you experience at security checkpoints as well as check for any general delays at the airport you’re heading to. If you’re not sure what you can bring on board or what kinds of identification are acceptable, you can find answers to these questions and more right within the app.

Unfortunately, the app won’t help you with the new TSA security procedures that have set the internet aflame with anecdotes of groping and leaked scanner images showing essentially-nude travelers, but the advice it contains could at least help you avoid an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation when faced with a thorough TSA agent.



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“My TSA” gives you 24/7 access to information that passengers frequently request from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). “My TSA” named Best Government Mobile App from the...


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